Free Broken link Checker Tool for SEO

Get list of URLs pointing to a domain or URL and the strength of those URLs and their domains.

1. Enter the domain or URL
2. Click 'Analyze backlinks'
3. Get a list of the identified domains and URLs linking
4. Click 'Export to CSV' if you want to save the list

What is a broken link?

A broken backlink is a link that once directed traffic to a specific page on a website but now leads to a non-existent page, typically resulting in a 404 error.

This can occur when a webpage is moved or deleted without proper redirection, causing the link that pointed to the original page to break. Broken backlinks can negatively impact a website's SEO by disrupting the user experience and hindering search engine crawlers from effectively indexing the site.

How do you fix a broken link

To fix a broken backlink, you should first identify the broken hyperlink using a broken backlink checker. Once identified, you can take one of the following actions:

  • Update: If the content has moved, update the hyperlink to point to the current URL.
  • Remove: If the content no longer exists and there's no relevant replacement, remove the hyperlink altogether.
  • Redirect: Set up a 301 redirect to guide users from the old URL to a relevant page on your site.
  • Replace: If another website has similar content, replace the broken backlink with a new, working link to that resource.

By addressing broken backlinks promptly, you ensure a better experience for your users and maintain the integrity of your site's SEO.

Are broken backlinks bad for SEO?

Broken backlinks can have a significant negative impact on SEO. They lead to a poor user experience and can disrupt the flow of link equity, which search engines use as a signal of a site's credibility and authority. Consequently, having numerous broken backlinks can result in lower search engine rankings.

Here are specific ways broken backlinks can affect your website:

  • Interrupts user experience: Visitors are met with error pages instead of the content they are looking for, which can increase bounce rates.
  • Disrupts link equity: Broken links stop the flow of link equity or "link juice," potentially lowering the perceived value of your site.
  • Hinders site crawling: Search engine crawlers may have difficulty indexing your site effectively, which can negatively affect your site's visibility.
  • Damages site reputation: A site with many broken links may be seen as neglected, reducing its trustworthiness in the eyes of both users and search engines.
  • Affects rankings: Search engines might lower the rankings of a site with numerous broken backlinks, making it harder for potential visitors to find your site.

How to check for broken backlinks for free

To check for broken backlinks, you can start by using online tools that are designed to scan and identify any links that lead to non-existent pages on your website.

These tools work by crawling your site in a similar way to how search engines do, checking each link to ensure it leads to a valid webpage. Some tools may also provide a report detailing any broken links, which you can then address to improve your site's SEO and user experience.

Or you can use this broken backlink checker

By entering the domain or URL you wish to analyze into our broken backlink checker,By utilizing this tool for a link audit, you can swiftly gain a comprehensive overview of the backlinks pointing to your site.

Here's how to use the tool:

  1. Enter the domain or URL into the designated field on our tool.
  2. Click 'Analyze backlinks' to initiate the scanning process.
  3. Review the list of identified domains and URLs linking to your site, along with the strength of those links and their respective domains.
  4. If you need to work with the data offline or share it with your team, click 'Export to CSV' to download the list.

Improve domains link profile with broken backlink checker

Improving a domain's link profile can be effectively achieved by using a broken backlink checker. This tool assists in uncovering broken links that could potentially harm your website's search engine optimization.

By repairing these links, you can recover lost link equity, enhance user experience, and potentially improve your site's search engine rankings. Regularly using a broken backlink checker ensures that your link profile remains robust and that your website maintains its credibility and authority in the digital space.

Why you should avoid broken backlinks

Avoiding broken backlinks is crucial because they can lead to a poor user experience, reduce the effectiveness of SEO efforts, and damage a website's reputation.

Broken backlinks can also disrupt the flow of link equity and negatively impact a site's search engine rankings. It's important to regularly monitor and fix broken links to maintain the health and performance of a website.

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