Torbjørn Flensted

SEO Speaker Specialized in AI-Driven SEO

Torbjørn Flensted is among the global leaders in combining SEO and artificial intelligence (AI). He covers the latest trends, tricks, and possibilities, as well as the pitfalls of AI.

A frequent used speaker at events and conferences

Advised thousands of clients on how to get better rankings

Written 5 books about SEO

Hosted hundreds of podcast and webinars

Founded multiple SEO tools, the latest being SEO.AI

Highly rated speaker (he is genuinely fun and engaging!)

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Torbjørn Flensted is a global pioneer in using AI in SEO

By booking Torbjørn Flensted at your next SEO conference, you'll be securing a speaker with a wealth of hands-on experience, including 20 years as the CEO of a premier Danish SEO agency.

He has advised thousands of clients on improving their search rankings and has authored five books on SEO.

Over the last three years, his main focus has been on leveraging AI for all aspects of SEO. This includes tasks such as classic keyword research and content generation, as well as more advanced optimization and benchmarking

Entertain your audience with a truly passionate SEO speaker

Here are some of the popular topics Torbjørn Flensted lately have been speaking about at SEO events:

• How to Leverage AI to 100x Your Organic Traffic
• Eat or Be Eaten: How 2024 Will Be the Year of AI in SEO
• How to Generate AI Content That Doesn't Suck!
• NLP Techniques to Strengthen Topical Authority
• Automated Link Building with Machine Learning Algorithms

Top rated SEO speaker for 5 years in a row!

Attendees will not only benefit from his deep understanding of SEO but will also enjoy his genuinely engaging and fun presentation style.

At the yearly SEO conference SEOday, Torbjørn Flensted has been the top-rated SEO conference speaker for five years in a row.

Conference organizers continue to hire Torbjørn to return because he not only entertains but also consistently shares the latest analyses, trends, and, most importantly, practical tips that inspire the audience while making them laugh and take diligent notes in their notebooks.

5 reasons to choose Torbjørn Flensted for your next SEO event

Book Torbjørn Flensted, a leading SEO expert with over 20 years of experience and co-founder of SEO.AI. His pioneering work in AI-driven SEO has made him a sought-after figure in the industry.

1. Expertise and Credibility
Torbjørn Flensted brings over two decades of SEO mastery to the podium, ensuring audiences benefit from his extensive industry experience. And no one knows more about combining AI and SEO!

2. Audience Engagement
With a talent for captivating attention, Torbjørn keeps listeners engaged with his dynamic presentation style and easy to understand slides.

3. Relevance and Insights
He delivers content that's not only aligned with the event's theme but also packed with actionable SEO insights for the audience.

4. Speaking skills
A graduate of Copenhagen Business School with a focus on business communication and a passion for rhetoric, Torbjørn Flensted expertly conveys complex SEO strategies with clarity and persuasive impact, showcasing his refined speaking skills.

5. Post-Event Engagement
After the applause, Torbjørn remains accessible, eager to connect through Q&A sessions and networking, enriching the event's experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some of the most frequent questions we get asked about Torbjørn as a SEO speaker. If your question is not listed here, contact us.

How do I book Torbjørn Flensted?

Email us at with your event's details and inquiry. We look forward to hearing more.

How much does it cost to have Torbjørn Flensted speak at our next SEO event?

SEO is not just Torbjørn's profession—it's his passion. He often speaks for free at engaging events, as long as travel and accommodation costs are covered from his base in Denmark.

Can Torbjørn Flensted speak on all SEO topics?

Torbjørn's keynote will be tailored to your conference's focus, with a central theme around AI and SEO, data insights, and practical cases and tips that participants can apply in practice.

Is Torbjørn Available to Speak at International Events?

Yes, he is available to speak at events worldwide, provided that travel and accommodation expenses from Denmark are covered.