Create Engaging SEO Articles With AI

Create SEO-optimized articles by telling the AI your topic and keyword. Receive a polished, formatted article. With competitor benchmarks and a scoring system, your articles will achieve top SERP rankings. Use NLP metrics to identify relevant keywords and their frequency.

  • Create rich format filled articles with a single click
  • Use a SEO score based on 5.7 million data points for the most optimal content
  • Get insight on missing keyword metrics and more with competitor benchmarks
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Why Create SEO Articles with SEO.AI?

Explore the unique benefits of SEO article writing with SEO.AI


1-Click Article Generation

Create SEO optimized articles easily, just tell the AI your topic and keyword, and receive a polished article, complete with formatting like bullet points, quotes, and highlights, that's sure to impress both humans and search engines.


Optimize based on data, not guesswork

With extensive competitor benchmarks and a scoring system based on 5.7 million data points, your articles will not be forgotten beyond the fold, but include the data points that ensure SERP winning status.


NLP and Missing Keyword Metrics

An essential part of the scoring system is the NLP and missing keyword metric. This benchmark gives you insight on what keywords the top search results use, along with the average frequency of these keywords, giving you the key to creating the most relevant content for your keyword.

Create and optimize content with an AI trained for SEO

Keyword research. Content generation. SEO optimization. All done by AI.

Key features

The key features that make SEO.AI the top choice among SEOs wanting to boost their traffic effectively.

Generate Content with 1-click

Articles that both humans and Google love. Rich formatting with bullets, quotes, highlights, etc.

Benchmark with Ranking Competitors

Get guidance on ideal content length through analysis of SERP competitors.

AI Keyword Research

Data for the keywords you want to optimize for. Find related, search volumes and AI-driven suggestions

Optimize Existing Content

We made it easy to import your existing content and benchmark it against the top-ranking pages.

Train to Write in Your Braind Voice

Provide the AI with examples of your writing style and have it adopt the writing style and tone of voice.

AI-chat Inside the Editor

Avoid switching back and forth between tools. Use the chat assistant directly within your document.

Pinpoints Missing Keyword

Understand which keywords to include to match the semantic vector space of top search results.

Automated Internal Linking

AI-powered suggestions on internal links to relevant URLs from your website.

Title and Meta Description Optimization

Advanced scoring, best practices benchmarks, and AI-generated suggestions for improved versions.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Track your content's keyword rankings and adjust your strategy accordingly.

How do You Write SEO Articles?

Writing SEO articles involves creating content that is designed to rank well in search engine results.

The goal is to make your articles easy for search engines to find and understand, so they can show them to people who are searching for related topics. This usually means including relevant keywords that people might use when searching for information on your topic.

To create SEO articles, many use AI SEO Writers like SEO.AI or Jasper to speed up the process of writing these articles, since it is a lot of work if you have to do it all manually.

These types of SEO Writers allows the user to use AI and extensive benchmarks to create data driven decisions in their content creation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about our SEO Writer:

How quickly can the SEO Writer generate content?

The SEO Writer can generate content in a matter of minutes, depending on the complexity and length of the content required.

What does it cost to use the SEO Writer?

For the most current pricing information and available packages for our SEO Writer, please visit our pricing page. You're also welcome to experience our services with a free trial here.

Do I need specialized knowledge to use the SEO Writer?

No specialized knowledge is necessary to use our SEO Writer. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, offering straightforward guidance and actionable insights that both beginners and experienced writers can readily apply.

Can the SEO Writer enhance the quality of my content?

Yes, the SEO Writer enhances the quality of your content by providing well-structured, keyword-optimized, and engaging text that aligns with best SEO practices. This helps improve your content's visibility and effectiveness in search engine results.

More features that will boost your traffic

These are the top features We packed the platform with a wide range of the most advanced and at the
 same time easy-to-use tools for your SEO work using the AI title writer