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If writing isn't your thing, brief the AI on your topic and keyword to get a fully written article. Loved by Google and humans, it includes rich formatting like bullet points, tables, and quotes. Our platform ensures your article ranks well with an extensive scoring system and benchmarks.

  • Article Generation with 1 Click
  • Create Helpful Content with Rich Formatting
  • Optimized Based on Data, Not Guesswork
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Why select SEO.AI's AI Article Writer?

Discover the distinct advantages of our AI Article Writer


One-Click Article Generation

If writing is not your thing, then this might just be. Brief the AI on the topic and keyword of your choice and get a fully written article in return. Loved by both Google and humans


Rich Formatting = Helpful Content

Make sure that you never publish a boring article again, all articles created with our AI contain rich formatting like bullet points, tables, highlights, quotes and more. This ensures that the article keeps the readability easy, ensuring the helpfulness of the content.


Based on 5.7M Data Points

Ensure that your article contains more than what is needed to rank in the search results. Our platform contains an extensive scoring system, which includes benchmarks on NLP and missing keyword metrics, content length, titles and more.

Create and optimize content with an AI trained for SEO

Keyword research. Content generation. SEO optimization. All done by AI.

Key features

The key features that make SEO.AI the top choice among SEOs wanting to boost their traffic effectively.

Generate Content with 1-click

Articles that both humans and Google love. Rich formatting with bullets, quotes, highlights, etc.

Benchmark with Ranking Competitors

Get guidance on ideal content length through analysis of SERP competitors.

AI Keyword Research

Data for the keywords you want to optimize for. Find related, search volumes and AI-driven suggestions

Optimize Existing Content

We made it easy to import your existing content and benchmark it against the top-ranking pages.

Train to Write in Your Braind Voice

Provide the AI with examples of your writing style and have it adopt the writing style and tone of voice.

AI-chat Inside the Editor

Avoid switching back and forth between tools. Use the chat assistant directly within your document.

Pinpoints Missing Keyword

Understand which keywords to include to match the semantic vector space of top search results.

Automated Internal Linking

AI-powered suggestions on internal links to relevant URLs from your website.

Title and Meta Description Optimization

Advanced scoring, best practices benchmarks, and AI-generated suggestions for improved versions.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Track your content's keyword rankings and adjust your strategy accordingly.

What Does an AI Article Writer Entail?

An AI Article Writer employs artificial intelligence technologies to automate the creation of articles and other written materials. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms that understand linguistic nuances, structural elements, and contextual relevance to produce text that is coherent and tailored to a specific subject matter.

These AI Article Writer tools are pivotal in generating diverse forms of content, including blog posts, detailed articles, analytical reports, and promotional copy, often at a pace that outstrips traditional human writing capabilities.

Designed to emulate human writing patterns, AI Article Writers can be programmed to deliver consistent, long-form content that adheres to a chosen tone of voice. This capability is especially beneficial for businesses and individuals looking to expand their content output while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about our AI Article Writer.

Does an AI Article Writer assist with SEO?

While an AI Article Writer alone doesn't guarantee SEO success, our platform at SEO.AI is specifically designed to enhance your SEO efforts for blog posts and other content. We've created an intuitive editor that provides insights into your top SERP competitors for any given keyword, offering you the strategies needed to climb to the top of Google's rankings.

How much does an AI Article Writer cost?

For the latest pricing details and options for AI article writer, please visit our pricing page. Additionally, you can take advantage of our services with a free trial here.

How does an AI Article Writer ensure the quality of content?

Our AI Article Writer utilizes sophisticated algorithms that are adept at generating content swiftly while adhering to high-quality standards. It scrutinizes top-performing content to learn and create SEO-friendly, compelling, and informative material. This guarantees that the content you release is not only optimized for search engines but also provides value to your readers.

Is an AI Article Writer necessary?

An AI Article Writer is not strictly essential, but its integration into your content strategy can greatly streamline the content generation process and yield cost efficiencies. By automating the writing task, it liberates your time for other critical business tasks, enhancing productivity and potentially improving content quality.

More features that will boost your traffic

These are the top features We packed the platform with a wide range of the most advanced and at the
 same time easy-to-use tools for your SEO work using the AI title writer