Automated Internal Linking

Let the AI handle internal linking by suggesting opportunities within your content. It crawls your site to identify suitable anchor texts. Easily change suggested anchors with a click.

  • Smart AI Linking Recommendations
  • Centralize and Control Your Content
  • Quick Anchor Text Editing

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Why choose SEO.AI's Automated Internal Linking Tool?

These are the key advantages to using our Internal linking tool


AI-powered Suggestions

Allow the AI to manage the intensive task of internal linking by automatically providing suggestions for link opportunities within your text and existing online content.


Relevant Links Across Your Website

Our system will autonomously crawl your entire website and use AI to identify appropriate anchor texts for each piece of content to turn into links.


Easily Switch Anchor Text

You can quickly change suggested anchor text with a click, accelerating the link insertion process. Just highlight the preferred text to set it as the new anchor.

Create and optimize content with an AI trained for SEO

Keyword research. Content generation. SEO optimization. All done by AI.

Key features

The key features that make SEO.AI the top choice among SEOs wanting to boost their traffic effectively.

Generate Content with 1-click

Articles that both humans and Google love. Rich formatting with bullets, quotes, highlights, etc.

Benchmark with Ranking Competitors

Get guidance on ideal content length through analysis of SERP competitors.

AI Keyword Research

Data for the keywords you want to optimize for. Find related, search volumes and AI-driven suggestions

Optimize Existing Content

We made it easy to import your existing content and benchmark it against the top-ranking pages.

Train to Write in Your Braind Voice

Provide the AI with examples of your writing style and have it adopt the writing style and tone of voice.

AI-chat Inside the Editor

Avoid switching back and forth between tools. Use the chat assistant directly within your document.

Pinpoints Missing Keyword

Understand which keywords to include to match the semantic vector space of top search results.

Automated Internal Linking

AI-powered suggestions on internal links to relevant URLs from your website.

Title and Meta Description Optimization

Advanced scoring, best practices benchmarks, and AI-generated suggestions for improved versions.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Track your content's keyword rankings and adjust your strategy accordingly.

What is Automated Internal Linking

Internal links play a crucial role in enhancing site structure and user experience by connecting relevant pages within a website. By leveraging automation in internal linkbuilding, SEOs can streamline their workflow, ensuring that every piece of content is fully integrated with the rest of the site. This not only aids users in navigating the site more effectively but also helps search engines understand the site's architecture, boosting the site's SEO performance.

The process of inserting internal links can be time-consuming, but with the advent of automated tools, this task becomes much more manageable. Automation allows for the quick identification of suitable anchor text within your content, suggesting the most relevant internal links.

This not only saves time for SEOs but also enhances the consistency and accuracy of linking, which is critical for search engines and improving the overall user experience.

Effective internal linking strategies are essential for SEOs who aim to improve site visibility and ranking on search engines. By automating the insertion of internal links, SEOs can ensure that their site's structure is optimized for both search engines and users.

The result is a more cohesive, user-friendly website that is likely to perform better in search engine results, making automation a key component in modern internal linkbuilding practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries regarding our automated internal linking tool.

How does SEO.AI's automated internal linking tool streamline the process of integrating internal links into my content?

SEO.AI's automated internal linking tool simplifies the process by centralizing all your pages on one platform, allowing the AI to scan and identify potential anchor texts within your content. Once a piece of content is completed, the tool suggests the most relevant internal links, streamlining your workflow and ensuring that every content piece is optimally integrated with the rest of your site.

What does the automated linking tool cost?

For up-to-date pricing details and available plans for our automated linking tool, please visit our pricing page. To get a taste of what we offer, feel free to sign up for a free trial here.

Can I exclude certain pages from being crawled by SEO.AI's automated tool, and if so, how?

Yes, you can exclude specific pages from being crawled by SEO.AI's tool. You have the option to manually input URLs individually or direct the crawlers to follow a particular URL path or filter. This ensures that only the directories you wish to include are indexed on the platform, giving you control over the pages that are considered for automated internal linking.

What are the benefits of using automated internal linking in terms of site structure and search engine optimization?

Automated internal linking offers significant benefits for site structure and SEO. It enhances user navigation and helps search engines understand the architecture of your site, which can improve your site's visibility and ranking. Additionally, it saves time and ensures consistency in linking, which is crucial for a positive user experience and for search engines to accurately index and evaluate your site.

More features that will boost your traffic

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