7 Best Writesonic Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

Boost your copywriting with Writesonic alternatives that offer diverse features and benefits to enhance your content creation skills.

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April 24, 2024

Writesonic is a SEO content writing tool focusing on using AI to create original content. Writesonic offers a free trial for anyone wanting to try out the product, and premium plans for content creators start at $16.67 per user per month.

Since its establishment in July 2022, Writesonic has experienced remarkable growth as a prominent content platform. With a user base exceeding 2 million, individuals are utilizing its advanced AI capabilities to enhance and simplify their content creation endeavors.

What are the best Writesonic alternatives?

These are the Writesonic alternatives that you should consider

  • SEO.AI
  • Rytr
  • SE ranking
  • Frase.io
  • Copy.ai
  • Describely
  • Grammarly

Why you might need an alternative to Writesonic

Although Writesonic is a valuable tool for writing blog posts and SEO articles, it's important to consider that there are alternative options available that may offer improvements in certain areas. These alternatives may excel in additional features, affordability, user-friendliness, or specialize in other AI writing or content creation areas such as email content.

Considering these factors, it is advisable to explore various alternatives when selecting an AI copywriting tool.

What makes the best Writesonic alternative?

The compilation of top alternatives to Writesonic is based on the expertise of our Danish SEO agency staff, as well as personal preferences and recommendations from other reliable sources.

These tools should each fulfill at least one of these four factors:

  • A) Discover a budget-friendly substitute for Writesonic.
  • B) Focus on a specific marketing niche or offer a unique feature that enhances user experience.
  • C) Enhance content optimization through advanced AI capabilities.
  • D) Facilitate keyword research and assist in SEO content planning.

The 7 best Writesonic alternatives

1. SEO.AI for SEOs

Start exploring SEO.AI with a free trial and explore their premium plans, which begin at an affordable $49 per month.

SEO.AI is the go-to platform for those who place a high value on content creation and optimization as part of their SEO strategy. Designed to make SEO accessible to all, from small businesses to expert SEO practitioners, marketing teams, and agencies, SEO.AI aims to demystify SEO, proving it's not just for the tech elite.

Why use SEO.AI over Writesonic?

SEO.AI emerges as a compelling alternative to Writesonic with its cost-effective plans and AI-powered content creation capabilities. It features a user-friendly editor that includes advanced SEO scoring and optimization tools.

The platform enhances the editing experience, providing a more streamlined solution compared to Writesonic's AI text editor. SEO.AI's incorporation of ChatGPT allows for a more fluid content creation workflow, enabling edits after generation and the ease of asking questions directly within the document without later deletion.

How does SEO.AI differ from Writesonic?

SEO.AI sets itself apart from Writesonic by prioritizing user-friendly advanced analytics and AI-powered optimization tools tailored for search engine content. This ensures that users can target and achieve rankings for their chosen keywords with ease.

Unlike Writesonic, which necessitates additional user research for content generation, SEO.AI simplifies the process by supplying essential keywords and an SEO score that hinges on the primary keyword you aim to rank for.

SEO.AI's AI SEO Editor for content optimization

Within the realm of SEO, SEO.AI's editor outperforms Writesonic by offering a faster user experience coupled with an advanced SEO scoring system that includes competitor analysis, comprehensive analytics, and the strategic incorporation of semantically related keywords. It evaluates the competitiveness of titles and comes equipped with AI-driven optimization tools. The integration of a ChatGPT-powered chat feature and an AI-assisted inline editing tool further enriches the content creation process.

SEO.AI for planning your SEO content strategy

SEO.AI makes keyword research manageable and straightforward. Its aim is to make the discovery of fresh content ideas and the optimization of current content a seamless process.

The platform's keyword research feature is user-friendly, facilitating quick and efficient content strategy development. For example, the AI Research tool offers fast-paced brainstorming to generate actionable content ideas that can be organized under the "Planned Content" section. With clear-cut keyword tagging and options for team collaboration, prioritizing your content agenda becomes effortless.

SEO.AI's multi-project capability

Agencies that handle several domains find it essential to sort articles by client for better management. Writesonic restricts its users to either a single domain or a combined collection of articles for different clients, which can lead to confusion and difficulty in managing recent work.

In contrast, SEO.AI offers the functionality to create distinct projects for each client, which improves the organization and ease of access to articles. This capability provides a transparent view of the amount of content generated for each client and streamlines the search process for articles. The addition of custom tags also allows for further classification of articles within each project, thereby boosting organizational efficiency.

2. Rytr for plagiarism checks and emails

Rytr, a subsidiary of Copysmith, is a copywriting platform with a user base of over 8 million, dedicated to generating unique content with a strong emphasis on preventing plagiarism.

Rytr provides a free trial and features a pricing plan comparable to Writesonic's $16 option, but at the more affordable rate of $7.50.

Why use Rytr over Writesonic?

Rytr stands out as a straightforward tool that offers essential content writing features at a lower cost, positioning it as an excellent budget-friendly option compared to Writesonic.

Secure the originality of your content with Rytr's anti-plagiarism measures. A multitude of users rely on Rytr for crafting high-quality, clear, and unique content without the risk of duplication.

Easily revamp repetitive content with Rytr's paraphrasing features. When dealing with content that's too similar, Rytr's editing tools can efficiently refresh the material, guaranteeing its uniqueness.

What’s the difference between Rytr and Writesonic?

Rytr sets itself apart from Writesonic by incorporating a comprehensive plagiarism checker to guarantee the uniqueness of content, providing a browser extension for seamless tool integration, and focusing on the creation of engaging email content. Writesonic, while a versatile content generation platform, does not primarily focus on these particular aspects.

Rytr's standout features include:

  • Email Content Specialization: Specialized skills in developing persuasive email content that captivates and converts readers.
  • Plagiarism Checker: A sophisticated system to verify content uniqueness and prevent duplication.
  • Browser Extension: Easy-to-use access to all of Rytr's functionalities right from your browser.

3. SE ranking for rank tracking

SE Ranking provides a free trial, with paid subscriptions beginning at $49 monthly.

Launched in 2013 by Valery Kurilov, SE Ranking has swiftly climbed the ranks to become a leading solution for rank tracking, rivaling major players such as Ahrefs.

With a robust user community exceeding 500,000, SE Ranking has expanded from its initial focus on rank tracking to become a comprehensive SEO toolkit, which now encompasses an AI writing feature that could serve as the alternative to Writesonic you're seeking.

Why choose SE Ranking over Writesonic?

SE Ranking provides an extensive array of SEO tools, and with the addition of its AI Writer, it transcends beyond merely crafting AI articles. This expanded capability can be particularly advantageous for agencies seeking a broad spectrum of tools within a single platform, with a strong emphasis on SEO.

How does SE Ranking  differ from Writesonic?

SE Ranking stands out from Writesonic with its wide-ranging SEO toolkit, featuring a specialized rank tracker and an affordable AI writer within its comprehensive platform.

Key features of SE Ranking include:

  • AI Writer: A cost-effective substitute for Writesonic's content editor, producing AI-driven articles.
  • On-Page SEO Checker: Delivers crucial insights akin to the analysis provided by Surfer SEO.
  • Rank Tracker: A vital tool for tracking keyword positions, included in SE Ranking's offerings.

4. Frase for smaller companies focusing on SEO

Frase.io, also part of the Copysmith portfolio, is a potent instrument for crafting SEO-focused content. It invites users to test its capabilities with a complimentary trial.

The "Solo" plan is the entry-level option at $15 per month, which includes 10 monthly search queries. For more frequent use, the "Basic" plan costs $45 per month and provides 30 search queries. The "Team" plan, designed for group projects, is available at $115 per month for up to three users, with the option to add additional users at $25 each, and offers unlimited search queries.

Why use Frase over Writesonic?

Frase boasts a comprehensive suite of AI-driven tools for SEO copywriting, featuring a robust editor that facilitates research, outline creation, text composition, and content refinement. It also includes convenient plugins for easy integration with WordPress and Google Docs, all within a user-friendly interface. With plans beginning at only $15 per month, Frase presents itself as a marginally more cost-effective solution.

What’s the difference between Frase and Writesonic?

Frase sets itself apart from Writesonic by providing in-depth SERP analysis and content automation capabilities at a more affordable rate, delivering value-driven options for crafting and enhancing SEO content.

Notable features of Frase encompass:

  • Content Automation: Easily develop outlines into full-fledged drafts with features that support teamwork.
  • Optimization: Employ smart suggestions to polish your content for improved search engine rankings.
  • SERP Analysis: Quickly analyze content from competitors and SERP insights to guide your content planning.

5. Copy.ai for multi purpose content writing

Copy.ai is a multifaceted AI copywriting tool that enables users to harness the power of artificial intelligence for a variety of writing tasks in marketing.

Currently, Copy.ai offers a no-cost tier, a "Pro" plan at $49 per month, and a "Team" plan at $249 per month. For bigger teams that require more than 20 seats, Copy.ai also provides a customized enterprise package.

Why use Copy.ai over Writesonic?

Copy.ai extends beyond SEO-focused writing, offering AI-assisted copywriting across a wide range of content types. With more than 90 flexible templates, the platform caters to various marketing and sales functions.

Therefore, if your content needs include more than just striving for search engine visibility and involve leveraging AI for tasks like email marketing, Copy.ai could be the ideal alternative to Writesonic.

What’s the difference between Copy.ai and Writesonic?

Copy.ai sets itself apart from Writesonic by providing an expansive toolkit that includes a vast array of over 2000 integrations and a rich collection of more than 90 templates, catering to a broad spectrum of copywriting requirements, not limited to SEO.

Prominent features of Copy.ai include:

  • Variety of Templates: Copy.ai offers an extensive array of templates, ensuring you have the right tools for any content type or marketing goal.
  • Versatility for Various Applications: Designed to accommodate a wide range of copywriting needs, the platform is a versatile choice for numerous writing endeavors.
  • Broad Range of Integrations: Copy.ai's compatibility with over 2000 integrations facilitates seamless interaction with a multitude of tools and platforms.

6. Describely for product descriptions

Describely is a specialized SEO copywriting platform with an emphasis on crafting content for Product Detail Pages (PDP).

Similar to Frase and Rytr, Describely, launched in October 2020, is yet another distinctive offering from the minds at Copysmith.

Why use Describely over Writesonic?

Describely is designed specifically for e-commerce businesses, positioning it as a more suitable option than Writesonic for developing product stories.

The platform concentrates on creating product stories for e-commerce operations, helping to enhance product details through AI-generated descriptions and facilitating bulk content production for efficient catalog management.

It offers customization of AI-crafted text, incorporates SEO improvements for enhanced search visibility, and delivers a unified platform for managing content. Moreover, Describely provides integration with e-commerce platforms and includes AI-driven image generation to strengthen brand imagery.

What’s the difference between Describely and Writesonic?

Describely stands out from Writesonic by specifically addressing the requirements of e-commerce with functionalities such as sophisticated platform integrations, mass content generation, e-commerce-focused SEO tools, and a streamlined system for catalog importation.

Key attributes of Describely encompass:

  • E-commerce Platform Compatibility: Ensures smooth integration with leading e-commerce systems, enhancing the content management process.
  • Streamlined Catalog Importing: Features an intuitive system for importing product catalogs, simplifying the management of content.
  • Customized SEO Enhancements: Equipped with AI-powered SEO tools tailored for e-commerce to help elevate product search rankings.
  • Bulk Content Creation: Facilitates the production of large quantities of content, ideal for maintaining e-commerce catalogs.

7. Grammarly for grammar checking and sentence rewriting

Grammarly, a pioneer among writing assistants and AI content generators, was introduced in 2009. It offers a fully free tier, a "Premium" subscription at $13, and a "Grammarly Business" option priced at $15.

Why use Grammarly over Writesonic?

Grammarly is primarily designed for revising and proofreading sentences, though it also has text generation capabilities. It's an ideal choice for students cautious about AI use or professional writers confident in their skills who seek a tool for refinement.

Additionally, Grammarly offers a Google Chrome extension that assists in crafting well-structured, grammatically accurate sentences across various online platforms.

What’s the difference between Grammarly and Writesonic?

Grammarly stands out among Writesonic alternatives with its emphasis on enhancing writing proficiency through a comprehensive grammar checking tool, delivering instantaneous writing support for more effective communication, and verifying content uniqueness with its plagiarism checker.

Prominent features of Grammarly include:

  • Plagiarism Detection: Grammarly's plagiarism checker scrutinizes your text against an extensive database of web pages to confirm its uniqueness.
  • Real-Time Writing Assistance: As you write, Grammarly offers on-the-spot advice and edits to help refine and sharpen your writing.
  • Advanced Grammar Checker: Known for its exceptional grammar checking abilities, Grammarly delves deeper than simple spell checking to fine-tune style and tone.

7 Best Writesonic Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

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