9 Best Rytr Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

Explore optimal Rytr alternatives for content creation needs. Discover new tools to enhance writing solutions today.

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April 24, 2024

Rytr, a copywriting platform owned by Copysmith, boasts a user base of over 8 million and is known for its ability to generate unique content while prioritizing plagiarism prevention.

With a range of use cases, Rytr offers features such as song generation, social media ad creation, outlines for blogs, a plagiarism checker, and templates for emails, among other features.

Users can explore Rytr's capabilities through a free trial, that gives very limitied options, and for those seeking a cost-effective alternative to other AI content writing tools, there is a premium plan available at just $29 per month

What are the best Rytr alternatives?

The key Rytr alternatives you should consider are:

  • SEO.AI
  • Jasper AI
  • Describely
  • Writesonic
  • Simplified
  • Byword
  • Copy.ai
  • Writer
  • Grammarly

Why you might need an alternative to Rytr

The affordability of Rytr does come with certain drawbacks. Unlike other alternative tools, Rytr lacks substantial data to support the quality of its generated text, which can be particularly important for SEO purposes. Additionally, the platform does not offer collaboration features, making it challenging for agencies or teams to effectively manage and track their work.

What makes the best Rytr alternative?

Our Danish SEO agency's experienced team has carefully chosen a range of alternative AI writing tools to Rytr, drawing on their professional expertise, personal favorites, and advice from reputable sources.

These tools should each fulfill at least one of these three factors:

  • B) Target a specific marketing niche or provide a distinctive improvement to the user experience.
  • C) Enhance content optimization through advanced AI algorithms.
  • D) Feature a proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) as a key differentiator.

Top 9 best Rytr alternatives

Consider investigating these alternatives to Rytr:

1. SEO.AI for SEOs

SEO.AI provides a complimentary trial period, with premium subscriptions beginning at a modest $49 monthly fee.

For those who prioritize content creation and optimization in their SEO tactics, SEO.AI stands out as a superior choice over Rytr, particularly for SEO-focused activities. SEO.AI has been crafted to ensure that SEO is approachable for various users, including small enterprises, seasoned SEO professionals, marketing collectives, and large agencies. The intent behind our platform is to simplify SEO, dispelling the myth that it's an area reserved only for those with technical prowess.

Why use SEO.AI over Rytr?

SEO.AI delivers top-notch AI-crafted content at a competitive price point, positioning it as an attractive substitute for Rytr. The platform boasts an intuitive editor equipped with sophisticated SEO analytics and comprehensive optimization resources.

Unlike Rytr, which might not provide substantial evidence of content efficacy and lacks teamwork capabilities, SEO.AI ensures a smooth user experience with flawless ChatGPT integration. SEO.AI is the optimal solution for content creators and optimizers at every skill level, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

What’s the difference between SEO.AI and Rytr?

SEO.AI specializes in AI-driven copywriting tailored for SEO, featuring sophisticated evaluation metrics, optimization utilities, and integration with ChatGPT, whereas Rytr serves as a versatile writing aid offering a broad array of templates for diverse content requirements.

SEO.AI stands out by providing cost-effective, premium AI content through a refined editing interface.

SEO.AI helps you optimize content with its powerful AI SEO Editor

SEO.AI's editor outperforms Rytr in SEO capabilities, providing a more efficient user experience with a sophisticated SEO scoring system that utilizes competitor analysis, detailed analytics, and the strategic placement of keywords with semantic relevance. It also assesses the competitiveness of titles and incorporates features for AI-powered optimization. Additionally, SEO.AI enhances the content creation experience with a ChatGPT-integrated chat function and an AI-assisted feature directly in the editor, making the writing process more engaging.

Conversely, while Rytr offers a variety of creative templates, it falls short in delivering specialized SEO-centric features and does not support collaborative functionalities, which may pose challenges for agencies and marketing teams requiring such capabilities.

SEO.AI helps you plan your SEO content strategy

SEO.AI simplifies the keyword research process, ensuring it's not an overwhelming or time-intensive endeavor. With an abundance of keywords available, it's crucial to efficiently determine which new content to develop and which existing content to enhance.

The keyword research tool provided by SEO.AI is user-friendly and expedites content planning. Take, for instance, our AI Research feature, which swiftly generates ideas, allowing you to easily identify and incorporate promising content possibilities into your "Planned Content" section. The tool's straightforward keyword tagging and options for team collaboration streamline the prioritization process.

In contrast, Rytr lacks a built-in keyword research feature, compelling users to depend on separate tools for their SEO strategy. This can result in extra expenses and a fragmented planning process.

SEO.AI offers attractive pricing options when it comes to SEO

When comparing premium offerings, SEO.AI's plan is priced at $199 per month, which is higher than Rytr's $29 monthly subscription. Yet, the real advantage lies in the extensive SEO functionalities and tools that SEO.AI includes, which could lead to savings in both money and time when contrasted with the combined use of Rytr and additional SEO tools and services. Utilizing platforms such as SEMRush or Ahrefs could cost an additional $180 to $300 per month, not to mention the extra time invested in research.

2. Jasper AI for marketing teams

Launched in February 2021, Jasper AI is a platform powered by artificial intelligence that aims to increase efficiency by streamlining the processes of content creation, brainstorming, and research.

Jasper presents a "Creator" plan priced at $49 for a single user, a "Pro" plan at $69 per user with a cap of five users, and a "Business" option with custom pricing and enhanced features.

Why use Jasper over Rytr?

Jasper AI offers a suite of functionalities similar to Rytr, with added advantages, especially in the realm of collaborative work. It supports concurrent document editing by multiple users, which enhances teamwork and collective content creation.

Serving as a Rytr substitute, Jasper provides the ability to establish team spaces, which help in managing different teams on the platform. The enterprise solution further provides advanced security measures and the ability to create tailored workflows and templates, catering to the needs of larger entities.

What’s the difference between Jasper and Rytr?

Jasper distinguishes itself from Rytr by offering functionalities that enhance team collaboration, provide robust security for enterprise-level users, and enable the personalization of workflows and templates to align with the requirements of marketing teams.

Key features of Jasper include:

  • Custom Workflows and Templates: Jasper allows for the creation of bespoke workflows and templates, streamlining marketing processes.
  • Team Spaces: The platform offers designated sections for various teams to collaborate effectively.
  • Enhanced Security: For enterprise clients, Jasper includes stringent security measures to protect sensitive information.

3. Describely for product descriptions

Describely, another product under the Copysmith umbrella, is a copywriting tool tailored for crafting content on Product Detail Pages (PDP).

The cost structure for Describely is dependent on the size of your product catalog, with plans starting at $9 monthly for 15 products and including 2 updates or data enrichments. For larger non-enterprise operations, the premium plan is $250 monthly, accommodating up to 450 products and providing 45 credits for data enrichments. Additionally, Describely presents a bespoke enterprise package for businesses that need a higher volume of product updates or new additions each month.

Why use Describely over Rytr?

Describely is specifically engineered for e-commerce businesses, making it a more suitable choice than Rytr for crafting product descriptions.

Describely provides a bespoke e-commerce solution, surpassing Rytr in the realm of product description creation. It simplifies the process of product data enrichment, generates high-quality AI-powered descriptions, and facilitates bulk content production for effective catalog administration.

The platform offers customizable AI rules, incorporates advanced SEO tools to enhance online visibility, and features a unified content management system. Describely also boasts smooth e-commerce integrations and cutting-edge AI image generation, elevating the overall brand presentation.

What’s the difference between Describely and Rytr?

Describely stands out from Rytr by focusing on e-commerce, with functionalities such as platform integrations, mass content production, specialized SEO tools, and an efficient catalog import feature.

Key features of Describely include:

  • Bulk Content Generation: The platform supports the creation of content on a large scale, ensuring compatibility with e-commerce stores.
  • Efficient Import Feature: Facilitates the quick importation of product catalogs, enhancing content management efficiency.
  • AI-Driven SEO Tools: Describely comes with SEO tools designed for e-commerce, aiding in achieving higher search rankings for products.
  • E-commerce Integrations: Describely integrates effortlessly with leading e-commerce platforms, streamlining content updates.

4. Writesonic for general content generations

Writesonic provides a complimentary tier, with its paid subscriptions for content creators commencing at a monthly rate of $16.67 per user.

Launched in July 2022, Writesonic has swiftly grown to become a significant player in the content creation arena, attracting over 2 million users who utilize its sophisticated AI to enhance and expedite their content production.

Why use Writesonic over Rytr?

Writesonic offers an economical alternative for individual users or small teams, with a starting price of $16.67 per user, making it a favorable option against Rytr's pricing.

This translates to considerable cost reductions for individual users, all while having access to a comprehensive set of features similar to Rytr's offerings.

What’s the difference between Writesonic and Rytr?

Writesonic emerges as a strong contender to Rytr, equipped with a robust set of tools designed to refine the content creation process. Among its key features are Chatsonic, a sophisticated ChatGPT-style chat tool, and Botsonic, a bespoke AI bot for customer service.

Essential features of Writesonic include:

  • Chatsonic: This AI-driven chat feature surpasses ChatGPT with the ability to engage in real-time trend discussions and aid in content creation.
  • Botsonic: Leveraging GPT-4, it offers precise and secure customer support, substantially decreasing support ticket numbers.
  • AI Article Writer: Create articles with ease that are not only true to your brand and accurate but are also tailored for better search engine visibility.

5. Simplified for a hybrid between writing and videos/images

Launched in April 2022, Simplified provides a no-cost option, with its "Pro" package priced at $15 monthly and the "Business" package at $30 monthly, plus a bespoke plan for enterprise clients.

Simplified caters to a broad range of content creation needs, enabling AI to seamlessly integrate your brand's essence into textual and graphical content.

Why use Simplified over Rytr?

If you're in need of a platform that manages both text creation and image production, Simplified stands out as one of the preferable alternatives over Rytr, which is dedicated exclusively to text copywriting.

Simplified provides an array of AI-powered content options, encompassing written material, text-to-image transformations, and slide decks. The platform includes design utilities like a background eraser, AI-driven background substitution, and image improvement features, all supporting teamwork functions.

What’s the difference between Simplified and Rytr?

Simplified sets itself apart from Rytr with its capability to produce AI-generated visuals and slideshows, provide sophisticated design instruments, and enable joint content development.

Key attributes of Simplified encompass:

  • Design Tools: Offers tools such as an image enhancer, background remover, and AI tool for replacing backgrounds in visual design.
  • Collaborative Features: Facilitates team-based content creation, allowing multiple users to collaborate on projects.
  • AI Content Generation: Generates a variety of content, from written text to images and presentations.

6. Byword for automatically AI generated articles

Byword, serving a clientele of over 60,000, specializes in high-volume article production, a capability that's reflected in its pricing tiers. These plans are tailored for bigger enterprises that need to quickly generate or update a large quantity of content.

The pricing for Byword is on the higher end, aimed at substantial businesses, starting at $99 monthly for up to 25 articles. Additional plans include a standard option with 80 articles for $299 monthly, a plan with 300 articles for $900 monthly, and an unlimited article package priced at $2499 monthly.

Why use Byword over Rytr?

For large-scale businesses with ample budgets focused on swiftly producing numerous articles, Byword stands as a fitting option. Beyond its capacity for article generation, Byword offers functionalities including image creation, auto-generated internal links, tailor-made calls to action, and compatibility with up to four platforms, including WordPress and Webflow.

What’s the difference between Byword and Rytr?

Byword distinguishes itself from Rytr through its comprehensive integrations, emphasis on tools for programmatic campaigns, and its ability to automatically produce AI-generated images, meeting the demands of extensive content production.

Key features of Byword include:

  • AI Image Creation: Automatically produces high-quality images for articles, facilitating a quicker publishing cycle.
  • Programmatic Campaign Tools: Offers robust tools designed for the creation and management of large-scale programmatic campaigns.
  • Seamless Integrations: Provides smooth integration with platforms such as WordPress and Webflow, along with API access to streamline content publishing workflows.

7. Copy.ai for multi purpose content writing

Copy.ai functions as a multifaceted AI copywriting tool, offering users the capability to employ AI for a variety of writing tasks within numerous marketing domains.

Currently, Copy.ai provides a free tier, a Pro level at $49 per month, and a Team level priced at $249 per month. Additionally, for bigger teams that require more than 20 seats, Copy.ai presents a customized enterprise package.

Why use Copy.ai over Rytr?

Copy.ai is designed not just for SEO-focused writing but also for AI-assisted copywriting across a wide range of content types. The platform boasts more than 90 customizable templates catering to various aspects of marketing and sales.

Therefore, if your content needs extend beyond the use cases offered by Rytr, then Copy.ai could be the idea alternative.

What’s the difference between Copy.ai and Rytr?

Copy.ai distinguishes itself from Rytr by offering a comprehensive suite of more than 2000 integrations and a rich selection of over 90 templates, addressing a wide range of copywriting scenarios that Rytr does not cover.

Notable features of Copy.ai include:

  • Diverse Templates: Copy.ai boasts a collection of over 90 templates, providing extensive options for a variety of content types and marketing initiatives.
  • Multiple Use Cases: The platform is built to support an extensive range of copywriting needs, establishing its versatility across different writing situations.
  • Extensive Integrations: With a vast array of over 2000 integrations, Copy.ai ensures smooth integration with numerous tools and platforms for enhanced connectivity.

8. Writer for enterprises

Launched in August 2020, Writer stands out as a unique AI copywriting tool that utilizes bespoke Large Language Models (LLMs) to tailor the AI's training to the user's website content.

Aimed at corporate clients, Writer offers two pricing options: an affordable monthly plan at $18 per user and a customizable enterprise package, the cost of which varies based on the size and particular needs of the business.

Why use Writer over Rytr?

Writer's platform is equipped with proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs), an in-house Knowledge Graph for integrating data, AI safeguards for rule adherence, and an extensive array of APIs and integrations. It adheres to strict data privacy protocols, complying with SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and Privacy Shield standards.

For sizable enterprises that place a premium on data security and require an AI solution adept at crafting content reflective of their brand identity, Writer is an appropriate alternative to Rytr.

What’s the difference between Writer and Rytr?

Writer differentiates itself from Rytr by offering specialized Large Language Models, a Knowledge Graph for effective data integration, and AI guardrails that ensure content meets compliance and brand standards.

Prominent features of Writer include:

  • Custom LLMs: Equips users with proprietary Large Language Models tailored to the specific content needs of an organization.
  • Knowledge Graph: Merges internal data seamlessly with the LLMs to produce content that is accurate and relevant.
  • AI Guardrails: Enforces tailored rules to maintain content compliance with standards and consistency with brand voice.

9. Grammarly for grammar checking and sentence rewriting

Grammarly, an established writing assistant and AI content tool, launched in 2009. It has a free version, a "Premium" subscription for $13, and a "Grammarly Business" plan costing $15.

Why use Grammarly over Rytr?

Grammarly is primarily geared towards editing and polishing sentences, but it also includes features for generating text. It's well-suited for students who are careful about using AI or for professional writers who are looking for a tool to fine-tune their work.

Moreover, Grammarly provides a Google Chrome extension that helps users compose coherent, grammatically correct sentences on different web platforms.

What’s the difference between Grammarly and Rytr?

Grammarly distinguishes itself from Rytr alternatives by focusing on improving writing skills with an advanced grammar checking feature, providing immediate writing assistance for clearer communication, and ensuring content originality with its plagiarism detection tool.

Key attributes of Grammarly include:

  • Advanced Grammar Checker: Grammarly excels in its comprehensive grammar checking, going beyond basic spelling corrections to enhance style and tone.
  • Real-Time Writing Assistance: Grammarly provides instant feedback and suggestions as you type, helping to improve and polish your writing on the fly.
  • Plagiarism Detection: The platform's plagiarism checker compares your writing to a vast collection of web pages to ensure it is unique.

9 Best Rytr Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

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