GPT Store Optimization - How to Rank in the OpenAI Store (2024)

Learn the strategies for successful gpt store optimization and increase visibility for your custom ChatGPTs in the OpenAI Store.

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Torbjørn Flensted
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April 24, 2024

Optimizing your custom ChatGPTs for the GPT Store is key to success, enhancing visibility, attracting users, and increasing engagement on the OpenAI Platform.

The GPT Store offers over 3 million Custom GPTs, providing immense potential for users.

In this post, I reveal the strategies that propelled my Custom GPT to the top 7 in popularity rankings.

My GPT to find the best GPTs rank number #7 in the GPT Store.

GPT Store Optimization (GSO) is crucial for GPTs in the GPT store to earn revenue, engage with users, and increase brand awareness.

With thousands of GPTs available in the store, it's essential to stand out and ensure that your target audience can easily discover your GPT.

Implementing effective GSO strategies is the key to achieving this goal.

What Is GPT Store Optimization?

GPT Store Optimization is the process of optimizing your presence in the OpenAI GPT Store to increase visibility and attract more users to your custom GPT creations.

GPT Store Optimization (GSO) maximizes visibility and user attraction through SEO techniques, including optimized titles, compelling descriptions, relevant keywords, increased engagement, positive reviews, popularity, and uniqueness.

Why Is GPT Optimization Important?

Optimizing your custom ChatGPTs for the GPT Store is essential for several reasons:

  • Get found: Optimize your Custom GPT to enhance its presence in the GPT Store, attracting more users and boosting rankings.
  • Earn money: An optimized, highly-ranked GPT can generate significant revenue as user engagement increases.
  • Get website traffic: A featured link in the GPT description can attract a substantial number of visitors directly to your website.

GPT Store Ranking Factors

How to get featured in the GPT Store?

Well, you need to focus your efforts on these key ranking factors:

  • GPT Name and Title
  • GPT Description
  • Keywords
  • ChatGPT signups
  • Engagement
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Uniqueness

Need inspiration? Check out some of the Best Custom GPTs!

How to Optimize GPTs for the GPT Store

Here's my recipe for optimizing your GPTs like a pro!

1. Find the perfect name for your GPT

The first step in GPT Store Optimization is finding a name that perfectly encapsulates what your GPT does while also including keywords that users are likely to search for. This not only makes your GPT more discoverable but also communicates its functionality to potential users right off the bat. Remember, the name of your GPT is the first thing users see, so make it count!

A good name (title) can make or break your ranking in the GPT Store. The name has to be unique. It has to contain a good target keyword and also be memorable.

Finding the perfect name involves a few key steps:

  • Research: Begin by exploring the categories in the GPT Store. Look at the top-ranked GPTs and take note of common keywords in their names.
  • Keyword Extraction: Use ChatGPT to extract popular keywords from these top performers.
  • Keyword Analysis: Use tools like or SEO.AI to determine the search volume and demand for these keywords.
  • Brainstorming: Once you have your target keywords, use ChatGPT to brainstorm creative names that incorporate these keywords. This will not only align your GPT with market demand but also improve its discoverability in the GPT Store.

2. Write an Optimized Custom GPT Description

The description of your GPT should clearly communicate its functionality while also incorporating important secondary keywords. This dual-purpose approach ensures users understand what your GPT does and improves its visibility in search results within the GPT Store.

So, let your creativity run wild and remember - the sky's the limit when it comes to GPT Store optimization!

3. Craft a Captivating GPT Logo

Creating a captivating logo for your GPT is simpler than you might think.

With the GPT builder, you can easily design a logo that stands out. Opt for simple colors and shapes to make your logo visually appealing and easy to recognize. A well-designed logo can significantly enhance your GPT's visibility and user engagement.

Pro tip: When saving your logo in your GPT, use a keyword-rich image file name. This can further boost your GPT's SEO and increase its visibility in both the GPT Store and in Google search results.

4. Promote Your GPT

While creating an excellent GPT is the first step, it's equally important to effectively promote it. Here are some strategies that contrast with traditional methods, offering a fresh approach to GPT promotion:

  • Add a Link to Your Website: Incorporate a link to your website in your ChatGPT profile. This not only enhances your website's visibility but also directs interested users to companys solutions.
  • Cross-Promote Your GPTs: Utilize smart links to cross-promote all your GPTs within ChatGPT. This strategy can significantly increase user engagement across your portfolio of GPTs.
  • Encourage Reviews and Ratings: Positive reviews and high ratings boost your GPT's credibility and appeal. Encourage users to leave reviews and ratings, particularly after positive interactions.
  • Promote Through Other Channels: Leverage social media, blogs, and other online platforms to promote your GPT. This multi-channel approach can significantly expand your GPT's reach.
  • Link Building: Establish high-quality backlinks to your GPT. This not only improves your GPT's rankings in search engines like Google but also increases its credibility and visibility, attracting more users and potential collaborators.
  • Update Your GPT Regularly: Regular updates keep your GPT relevant and engaging. They also signal to users that your GPT is actively maintained, which can boost user confidence and engagement.
  • Monitor Success: Keep track of your GPT's performance. Use The analytics to identify what's working and what needs improvement. This data-driven approach can guide your optimization efforts and help you achieve better results.
GPT Store Optimization - How to Rank in the OpenAI Store (2024)

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