The 36 Best Custom GPTs of 2024 (Curated by Humans)

These Custom GPTs will help you optimize your tasks with personalized AI capabilities.

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Torbjørn Flensted
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April 24, 2024

As the dawn of 2023 unfolds, the frontier of artificial intelligence takes a bold leap forward with the advent of custom-built General Purpose Transformers—commonly known as GPTs.

These tailored AI agents herald a new era of personalized digital assistance, fine-tuned to the unique contours of individual needs and professional demands.

In a remarkable evolution of the ChatGPT framework, OpenAI now offers the ability for anyone, from tech aficionados to business professionals, to create and share their own specialized versions of ChatGPT.

Guide: How to Create Custom ChatGPTs

"The elimination of coding barriers is poised to ignite an explosion of GPT agents, fueling a surge of user-generated smart apps that will revolutionize our digital landscape." – Torbjørn Flensted

The latest suite of GPTs is not just an incremental update; it represents a seismic shift in how we interact with machine learning technologies.

In this guide, I will share the Best GPTs of 2024, each a testament to the blend of simplicity and power offered by OpenAI's innovative platform.

What Are GPTs?

GPTs are innovative AI agents from OpenAI that anyone can customize for specific tasks without needing to code, making AI more accessible and practical for daily use. GPTs offer personalized solutions, from improving productivity to enhancing learning, and pave the way for user-created AI applications.

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Top 36 Best GPTs of 2024

Discover the pinnacle of AI innovation with these standout Custom GPTs:

Note: To use Custom GPTs, you must have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, that costs 20 USD / month.

Amazing GPTs to get you started

If you are new to GPTs, here are a few handpicked ChatGPTs that will help you discover high-quality GPTs and explore some of the foundational features provided by ChatGPT.

1. GPT Finder

When Custom GPT was launched a few weeks ago, I struggled to find the best GPTs. So, what to do? Well, I came up with the idea to build a Custom GPT that searches OpenAI's database of GPTs.

This GPT allows you to search across all public GPTs in one place and ranks them based on popularity. Moreover, every day, hundreds of new amazing GPTs join the ranks!


"Let me turn your imagination into imagery."

Imagine you're working on a project and need a specific image, like a futuristic cityscape or a detailed illustration of a mythical creature. Instead of searching for existing images or hiring an artist, you provide DALL·E with a detailed description. Using its text-to-image capabilities, DALL·E generates original, high-quality images that match your description, streamlining your creative process.

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Writing and Content Creation

Writing and content creation captivate our imagination, yet crafting compelling words can be daunting. Whether a seasoned writer or a novice, the process demands skill and creativity.

Enter custom GPTs, the game-changers in writing. These AI tools offer tailored assistance, making content creation efficient, creative, and enjoyable. A brighter way forward in writing is here. 🙌

3. Creative Writing Coach

"I'm excited to read your work and give you feedback to improve your skills."

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of custom GPTs, Creative Writing Coach GPT specializes in offering nuanced feedback and guidance on creative writing. Utilizing a deep understanding of narrative structures, character development, and stylistic elements, this GPT assists writers in refining their work, from overcoming writer's block to enhancing story arcs.

4. Voice/Style/Tone AI Prompt Snippet Generator

“I generate prompt snippets that replicate a text's voice, style, and tone, for use in any AI prompt, from inputs via text, link, image, or document.”

This GPT crafts prompt snippets to mirror an author's style, ideal for marketers aiming to maintain a consistent voice in AI-generated content.

5. Book Creator Guide

“A writing assistant for book creation, web research, and image generation.”

Book Creator Guide specializes in guiding users through the intricate process of book writing. It provides comprehensive support from topic selection to the creation of a detailed book proposal, employing AI-driven techniques for content generation and organization. An ideal use case is assisting a first-time author in structuring and drafting their debut novel, utilizing its access to a wide array of web resources for research and image creation.

6. Academic Assistant Pro

“Professional academic assistant with a professorial touch”.

Academic Assistant Pro specializes in enhancing and refining academic manuscripts with a keen eye for detail and precision. Utilizing a vast database of scholarly resources and cutting-edge AI-driven methodologies, this GPT transforms complex academic content into well-structured, publication-ready material. A typical use case involves assisting researchers in drafting, revising, and polishing scientific papers for peer-reviewed journals.

Art & Image Generation & Design

Custom GPTs are reshaping creativity.

These powerful ChatGPTs blend AI innovation with artistic vision, simplifying complex design processes and unlocking new realms of image generation.

Discover the future of artistic creation, where imagination meets the precision of AI."

7. Image Copy Machine GPT

"Replicates and creatively reinterprets images. Just upload your photo, and let the GPT do its magic."

Image Copy Machine GPT, with its knack for artistry and a pinch of digital wizardry, replicates and creatively reimagines images, adding a unique twist while staying true to the original's spirit. This GPT doesn't just copy; it's like having a playful artist in your pocket, minus the paint stains.

8. UI/UX Designer

“Crafts intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces using AI, enhancing the overall user experience."

UI/UX Designer GPT specializes in providing expert advice and critiques on user interface and experience design, leveraging a comprehensive knowledge base that includes specific resources like "The Art of Launching a Product," "Grid Systems" by Kimberly Elam, and other specialized UX/UI design materials.

9. Documentary Style Images

“I inspire documentary-style image prompts”.

This GPT specializes in crafting emotionally compelling, hyper-realistic image prompts that transport the user to other worlds. For instance, they can envision a woman and her majestic pet tiger in a sunlit rainforest, capturing a moment of serene connection that touches the heart and ignites the imagination. This unique capability offers users a profound, visually rich experience that stirs emotions and inspires creativity.

10. Stable Diffusion Prompter

“Expert in crafting precise, High Quality AI image generation prompts for Stable Diffusion”

Stable Diffusion Prompter generates detailed prompts for AI image generation, utilizing a deep understanding of descriptive language to guide the Stable Diffusion technology in creating specific visual outputs.

11. Art Style Explorer

“Upload or paste an image to gain insights and generate new images inspired by its style”

GPTs like Art Style Explorer are designed to analyze art styles in images, write prompts for creating similar styles, and generate new artworks, supported by an extensive art history database.

12. Design Mentor

“Coach for IoT design students, guiding concept deconstruction and value differentiation.”

Design Mentor' is a specialized GPT assisting master's students in international design business management at Aalto University, focusing on IoT product design. It aids students in understanding and articulating design concepts, emphasizing practical innovation and effective communication with engineering teams.

Marketing & SEO

In SEO and Marketing, custom GPTs excel in tasks like keyword optimization, trend analysis, and content strategy. Because GPTs transform complex SEO challenges into manageable solutions, making it easier to boost search rankings and engage your audience effectively.

Experience the future of Custom made AI for SEO.

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13. Quality Raters SEO Guide

“Assists with quality raters guidelines.”

The Quality Raters SEO Guide specializes in interpreting and applying Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, focusing on essential aspects such as Page Quality Rating and Understanding Search User Needs. This GPT has direct access to the comprehensive "Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines" for in-depth guidance.

14. Julian Goldie GPT

“Julian Goldie's Favourite Prompts and Tools”.

Julian Goldie GPT specializes in providing detailed, up-to-date SEO advice and strategies, drawing from a comprehensive knowledge base that includes the "Link Building Mastery Ebook" and "50 AI SEO & CHATGPT PROMPTS", ensuring users receive expert guidance in enhancing their online presence and search engine rankings.

15. Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer

“I help you evaluate your web content's helpfulness, relevance, and quality.”

Based on Google's guidelines and the expertise of Aleyda Solis, the Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer focuses on optimizing web content for search engines and user satisfaction, using up-to-date SEO principles and strategies.

16. Trending TikTok Hashtags Finder Tool

"What hashtags should you use on TikTok to go viral?"

As an advanced Custom GPT specializing in discovering and analyzing trending TikTok hashtags, this tool leverages a unique methodology that combines site-specific searches and insights from the "flensted-tiktok-secrets.txt" resource. It excels in guiding users to enhance their TikTok presence by identifying viral hashtags and providing strategic advice on leveraging them effectively for maximum impact.

Fund & Games

17. The Christmas Card Maker

"I help create unique, personalized Christmas cards full of warmth and creativity."

With a touch of holiday magic, The Christmas Card Maker transforms personal details and interests into uniquely heartwarming Christmas cards, crafting each design to capture the essence of the recipient's personality.

18. Simpsonize Me

“I turn photos into Simpsons-style art.”

"Simpsonize Me" transforms users' photos into unique, Simpsons-style caricatures, leveraging the distinct visual style of the iconic animated series. This GPT accesses a specialized AI to create personalized, fun images that users can share and enjoy.

19. I'm Offended Bot

"Your coffee is too hot for comfort."

“Screen your socials for potentially offensive content. A tool for helping you navigate the minefield of modern sensitivities.”

20. genz 4 meme

“i help u understand the lingo & the latest memes”.

Helping bridge the generational gap, genz 4 meme translates the fast-paced, often bewildering world of Gen Z slang and memes for boomers, equipped with a deep understanding of internet culture and youth vernacular. This GPT specializes in decoding the humor and nuances behind modern memes and expressions.

21. Quiz Master

“Extracts MCQs from content and simulates tests.”

Quiz Master enhances learning through interactive quizzes, offering immediate feedback and explanations, utilizing universally known tests and user-specified exam materials to tailor questions effectively.

22. Moby Dick RPG

“Extracts MCQs from content and simulates tests.”

Not name as first word. Before we start write (in third person view) a short 1 or 2 sentence description that tells the benefit of what you do (if possible share what specific data/knowledge you have acces to). Mention the name of the name of this GPT once, but not as the first word. No fluff, just focus on what it does.

23. Game Time

"I can quickly explain board games or card games to players of any skill level. Let the games begin!"

Game Time, a specialized GPT, excels in elucidating the intricacies of board and card games, leveraging advanced natural language processing to tailor explanations to various skill levels and ages. It adeptly guides users through game setup, strategy, and rule interpretation, even analyzing game component images for precise advice. For instance, it can transform a complex game like "Twilight Imperium" into an approachable experience for beginners.

24. Sticker Whiz

"I'll help turn your wildest dreams into die-cut stickers, shipped to your door."

Using the innovative capabilities of DALL-E 3 and GPT technology, this custom GPT specializes in designing unique die-cut stickers. By interpreting user inputs, it creates visually appealing sticker designs, ideal for personalization or branding needs, and facilitates easy ordering through a streamlined link generation process.

Food and recipes

25. Sous Chef

"I’ll give you recipes based on the foods you love and ingredients you have."

Sous Chef, a custom GPT, offers tailored culinary advice, generating personalized recipes and shopping lists based on individual dietary preferences, exemplified by creating a gluten-free Italian dinner plan.

26. Healthy Chef

"Craft a healthier lifestyle with your personalized meal plan."

Healthy Chef GPT, designed by Daniel Garcia Acosta, is your digital culinary expert specializing in nutritious and delicious meal planning. Whether aiming for fitness goals or a healthier diet, this GPT offers customized recipes that balance taste with health, transforming your eating habits into a journey of wellness and flavor.

27. Meal Planner

"Plan your meals for a healthier you!"

With Meal Planner GPT by Ray Fernando JR, meal planning becomes a seamless and health-focused endeavor. This GPT aids in organizing balanced meals that cater to both your taste buds and health goals, simplifying the journey towards a wholesome diet.

28. AI Cooking Assistant

"Your culinary partner in the kitchen!"

Developed by H. Schols, the AI Cooking Assistant GPT is an all-encompassing tool for culinary assistance. From weekly meal planning to step-by-step cooking guidance, this GPT makes cooking a more manageable and enjoyable task for both novices and culinary aficionados.

29. MacroMeter GPT

"Track and optimize your nutrition effortlessly."

Jyothish Johnson brings you MacroMeter GPT, a state-of-the-art nutrition tracking tool. It not only monitors your daily food intake but also visualizes it in comprehensive charts, making it invaluable for anyone keen on understanding and improving their dietary habits.

30. Culinary Creator

"Transform food photos into delectable recipes."

Shogo Matsusako's Culinary Creator GPT is a groundbreaking tool that converts images of dishes into detailed recipes. It's perfect for those who find culinary inspiration in visuals and wish to bring those delicious-looking meals to their own table.

31. Where to Eat?

"Decide where to dine with ease!"

Matthew S Gassner's 'Where to Eat?' GPT is your digital guide to finding the best dining spots. It takes into account your location and preferences to recommend eateries, ensuring each dining experience is memorable and fitting your tastes.

32. Instant Pot Chef

"Master the art of Instant Pot cooking."

Instant Pot Chef GPT by Naveen CS is the ultimate guide for Instant Pot enthusiasts. It provides a variety of recipes that make the most of this versatile kitchen appliance, from quick meals to elaborate dishes, tailored for the Instant Pot's unique cooking style.

Other amazing GPTs

33. PDF AI

"Give me your PDF file and I'll expertly extract, analyze, and summarize its key content for you."

PDF AI is an advanced artificial intelligence designed for managing, analyzing, and extracting key information from PDF documents. With sophisticated algorithms, it searches, summarizes, and extracts essential points from PDFs, making complex information easily accessible.

34. Tech Support Advisor

"From setting up a printer to troubleshooting a device, I’m here to help you step-by-step."

Harnessing the power of advanced AI, Tech Support Advisor is a Custom GPT designed to provide expert-level technical support. With access to a comprehensive database of technical knowledge, it adeptly assists users in resolving issues ranging from Wi-Fi troubleshooting to software installation, ensuring a smooth and informed tech experience.

35. Laundry Buddy

"Ask me anything about stains, settings, sorting, and everything laundry."

The Laundry Buddy GPT, excels in providing comprehensive laundry care advice, leveraging advanced AI to offer precise solutions for stain removal, machine settings, and sorting techniques. Users benefit from its tailored guidance, like identifying the ideal temperature and cycle for washing silk garments, ensuring fabric longevity and optimal cleanliness.

36. The Negotiator

"I'll help you advocate for yourself and get better outcomes. Become a great negotiator."

The Negotiator GPT equips users with the persuasive skills needed to navigate complex negotiations, from salary discussions to everyday deals, leading to more favorable and satisfying outcomes in both personal and professional arenas. crafts GPTs for top Google rankings.

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The 36 Best Custom GPTs of 2024 (Curated by Humans)

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