Top 40 ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Professionals (2024)

I've compiled a list of my favorite ChatGPT prompts to help you get those creative SEO juices flowing!

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Torbjørn Flensted
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April 24, 2024

From keyword research to content creation, technical SEO, and link building, these AI prompts will help you skyrocket your website to the top of the SERPs!

Tip: If you are new to ChatGPT check out our guide to ChatGPT for SEO.

Let's dive in.

What is a ChatGPT Prompt?

A ChatGPT prompt is a user-defined input or question designed to generate a specific response or output from the ChatGPT language model.

For SEO, a ChatGPT Prompt is an instruction that guides ChatGPT in keyword research, content generation, and optimizing website elements for enhanced search visibility.

Top 40 Best ChatGPT Prompts for SEO

Here's how to prompt ChatGPT for all you search engine optimization tasks.

1. Find related keywords

I'm absolutely loving brainstorming some awesome keyword ideas!

"Identify 10 SEO keywords related to [topic]."

2. Find keywords related to product descriptions

It's often best to take a gander at an existing product description:

"Create a list of 5 SEO keywords related to the following product description [product description]."

Tip: We offer a free AI product description generator tool.

3. Identify popular questions

Questions are like a gateway to the inner workings of the human brain!

"Suggest a list of 5 popular questions related to [Keyword]."

4. Research keyword strategies

AI will soon be a grandmaster of SEO, and its moves are always one step ahead of any junior SEO.

"Research the top 5 SEO keyword strategies for [topic]."

Also have a look at Joe Speiser's great ideas on how to get ChatGPT create a content marketing roadmap for you:

5. Classify search intents

Tables can be used to organize your search data.

"Classify the search intent (commercial, transactional or informational) for the following keywords in a table:…"

6. Cluster a list of keywords

I got this brilliant idea from Aleyda Solis on Twitter!

"Cluster the following keywords (add a core topic for each group) based on their semantic relevance:..."

Tip: Se many more of Aleyda's ChatGPT examples:

7. Suggest blog post titles related to keywords

Writers block? More like writers rock, am I right?

"Suggest compelling blog post titles related to the following list of SEO keywords:..."

Tip: We also offer a free AI blog post title generator tool that you can use to create your titles.

8. Create targeted blog post titles

Tell the AI who your audience is!

"Suggest 5 blog post title ideas for the keyword [keyword] targeted [audience]."

9. Write catchy blog post titles

Boring titles are a surefire way to turn readers away.

"Make the blog post titled [title] more catchy."

10. Get better click through rates

We need those clicks, don't we?

"Write 3 examples of alternative blog post titles with higher CTR for [topic]."

11. Examples that contradict the dominant narrative

@LinusEkenstam gave me the idea to ask ChatGPT to go against the current norm:

"Topic: [topic]... For the above topic, give examples that contradict the dominant narrative. Generate an outline for thought-provoking content that challenges assumptions."

See more great tips and tricks from @LinusEkenstam:

12. Outline the key points of a blog post

Structure your content with subheadings:

"Outline the key points of a blog post about [topic]."

13. Outline the main points

"Outline the main points of a comprehensive guide to [topic] for use in a blog post."

14. Suggest subheadings

"Write 7 subheadings for a blog post titled [title]."

15. Write a detailed outline

"Write a detailed outline for a blog post titled [title] with a 2-level heading structure."

16. Write a benefit-focused intro

"Write a short introduction paragraph for the blog post titled [Title], start with a question, and focus on the benefit."

17. Simplify the content

"Paraphrase the content above to make it communicate to a child."

18. Rewrite and optimize

"Rewrite the text above and include the following SEO keywords [Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3]..."

19. Write an expert answer

"Write a detailed expert answer to the question [question]."

20. Be more playful

"Rephrase the text above in a playful tone of voice."

21. Walk in your audience's shoes

This excellent little prompt idea comes from Rob Lennon and helps you understand your audience:

"Describe feeling like [audience] in 10 adjectives."

Check out more inspiration from Rob here:

22. Light up your text with metaphors

This ChatGpt prompt is one of my absolute favorites!

"Write a funny metaphor about the following text:"

23. Quotes brings trust

"Suggest a quote about the text above; talk to the emotions."

24. Provide examples that connects

"Provide examples that connect the ideas of [topic]."

25. Summarize text

"Summarize the following content in 3 bullet points:"

26. Write a list of benefits

"Make a bullet list with benefits related to the above text."

27. Persuades your audience to buy

"Write a short paragraph that persuades [audience] to buy [product] and include the CTA: [CTA]."

28. Generate an FAQ

27. "Generate an FAQ of 5 questions based on the above content."

29. Provide concise answers to questions

"Suggest a list of [x] frequently asked questions related to [topic] and provide concise answers to each."

30. Write a user-friendly meta description

"Suggest a meta description for the content above, make it user-friendly and with a call to action, include the keyword [keyword]."

Tip: You can also use our free meta description generator for this.

31. Write a <title> tag

"Write the HTML for the title tag [title tag].

32. Write a meta description tag

"Write the HTML for the meta description [meta description]."

33. Generate a robots.txt rule

"Generate a robots.txt directive to disallow access to the specified website directory [directory]."

34. Create an hreflang attribute example

"Write a code example for adding an hreflang attribute to a page."

35. Specify an hreflang attribute

"Specify the hreflang attribute for the following languages and regions [languages and regions]."

36. Create an XML sitemap

Got this excellent prompt from Joe Hall.

Create a valid XML sitemap that includes the following URLs:

Check out more of Joe Hall's prompts here:

37. Write an outreach email in the tone of...

I got this cool idea from Matt Diggity:

"Write an outreach email for link building (with subject line) in the tone of voice of [voice]".

See more of Matt's great uses of ChatGPT here:

38. Write ultra-short outreach emails

"Write 3 examples of ultra-short 2-sentence outreach emails that only ask one curiosity-provoking question that connects to [free offer]. Include <firstname and <blog post title>".

39. Give an offer they can't refuse

"Write 3 examples of ultra-short 3-sentence outreach emails that give [free offer] in return for a mention of [our resource]. Include <firstname and <blog post title>"

40. Write a curiosity-provoking subject line

Write 2 examples of a 4-word curiosity-provoking subject line for the following email:..."

Top 40 ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Professionals (2024)

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