7 Best Simplified Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

Discover top Simplified alternatives for specialized or cheaper solutions in content creation. Learn about their unique features and pricing.

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Oskar Mortensen
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April 24, 2024

Introduced in April 2022, Simplified is a comprehensive platform that offers text creation and graphic design capabilities.

With AI-generated content options, including written material, image transformations, and slide decks, Simplified also features design functionalities like background removal, AI-driven background substitution, and image enhancement. It supports teamwork features and offers a range of pricing plans, including a no-cost option, a "Pro" plan for an average of $15 per month depending on which tool you are paying for , a "Business" tier for $40 per month on average, and a custom plan for enterprise clients.

While Simplified provides a convenient all-in-one solution for both written and visual content, it may not be the ideal choice for specific areas of content writing, such as SEO. Therefore, this article presents the top Simplified alternatives for those seeking specialized or cheaper solutions in these areas.

What are the best Simplified alternatives?

Here are the recommended alternatives to Simplified that you should consider:

  • SEO.AI
  • Writesonic
  • Describely
  • Jasper AI
  • Copy.ai
  • Anyword
  • Writer

Why you might need an alternative to Simplified

While Simplified aims to offer a wide range of content writing capabilities, there are areas where the tool can be improved. For instance, it may not be as effective in terms of SEO compared to other tools available at a more affordable price.

Additionally, if you prioritize security or require extensive product descriptions for your ecommerce business, exploring alternative options may be beneficial.

What makes the best Simplified alternative?

The list of top alternatives to Simplified is curated based on the expertise of our Danish SEO agency staff, my personal favorite tools, and recommendations from other reliable sources.

These tools should each fulfill at least one of these three factors:

  • A) Excel at a specific marketing discipline or have a unique function that benefits the user.
  • B) Offer a more affordable option than Simplified.
  • C) Have a custom LLM (Large Learning Model).

The 7 best Simplified alternatives

Here are the worth exploring competitors of Simplified:

1. SEO.AI for SEOs

SEO.AI provides a complimentary trial period, with premium subscriptions beginning at a modest $49 monthly.

For those prioritizing content creation and optimization within their SEO strategy, SEO.AI emerges as the perfect substitute for Simplified, with a focus on SEO. SEO.AI has been crafted to make SEO attainable for various users, including small enterprises, seasoned SEO professionals, marketing collectives, and agencies. The intent behind our platform is to make SEO universally approachable, dispelling the myth that it's an area reserved for technical specialists.

Why use SEO.AI over Simplified?

SEO.AI delivers top-tier AI-generated content at a competitive price point, positioning it as an attractive option compared to Simplified. The platform features an beginner-friendly editor equipped with sophisticated SEO scoring and integrated optimization tools.

Unlike Simplified, which might not be as dedicated to SEO, SEO.AI provides a refined user experience with smooth ChatGPT integration. SEO.AI is the optimal solution for content creators and optimizers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

What’s the difference between SEO.AI and Simplified?

SEO.AI specializes in AI copywriting tailored for SEO, featuring enhanced scoring systems, optimization tools, and integration with ChatGPT. In contrast, Simplified offers a broader suite of content creation tools, encompassing graphic design capabilities.

SEO.AI stands out by providing cost-effective, premium AI content through a user-friendly editor.

SEO.AI helps you optimize content with its powerful AI SEO Editor

SEO.AI's editor surpasses Simplified when it comes to SEO, providing a more efficient user experience with its sophisticated SEO scoring system that utilizes competitor analysis, detailed analytics, and the strategic use of semantically relevant keywords. It also assesses the competitiveness of titles and incorporates AI-powered optimization capabilities. Additionally, SEO.AI enhances the content creation process with a ChatGPT-enabled chat feature and an AI-assisted inline editing tool, streamlining the experience and making it more engaging.

Conversely, while Simplified offers a suite of content creation tools, it may lack the specialized SEO-focused functionalities found in SEO.AI's editor. Simplified caters to a wider array of content and design needs, which might not prioritize SEO outcomes as strongly.

SEO.AI helps you plan your SEO content strategy

SEO.AI streamlines the process of keyword research, rendering it more straightforward and less time-intensive. Its user-friendly keyword research tool supports swift content planning. The AI Research feature quickly generates ideas, revealing promising content opportunities that can be seamlessly integrated into your "Planned Content" section. With functionalities such as easy keyword tagging and options for team collaboration, SEO.AI simplifies the organization of content priorities.

In comparison, Simplified might necessitate an external keyword research tool for comprehensive SEO analysis, which could incur extra expenses. SEO.AI, on the other hand, conveniently includes a keyword research tool within its suite of services, making it the superior alternative for SEO.

SEO.AI offers attractive pricing options when it comes to SEO

When evaluating comparable subscription options, Simplified and SEO.AI are similarly priced, with plans generally in the $40-50 USD range. Yet, SEO.AI distinguishes itself as a more specialized content writing service with a focus on SEO. It should be noted that integrating extra SEO utilities such as SEMRush or Ahrefs for keyword research could increase your costs to between $200 and $500.

2. Writesonic for general content generations

Writesonic offers a free tier, and its premium plans tailored for content creators start at $20 per month per user.

Since its inception in July 2022, Writesonic has rapidly evolved into a significant content platform, drawing over 2 million users who take advantage of its advanced AI to streamline their content production process.

Why use Writesonic over Simplified?

Writesonic offers a more budget-friendly option for individuals or small teams, with unlimited generation priced at $20 per user, in contrast to Simplified's $49 content writer plan.

Therefore, as a solo user, you can achieve substantial savings while still enjoying access to all the same functionalities and additional features, which makes it a great alternative.

What’s the difference between Writesonic and Simplified?

Writesonic stands out as a formidable contender to Simplified, boasting a comprehensive toolkit that elevates the content creation experience. Among its standout offerings are Chatsonic, a ChatGPT-style conversational AI, and Botsonic, a custom AI bot for customer service.

Key features of Writesonic include:

  • Chatsonic: Engage with an advanced AI chatbot that goes beyond ChatGPT's capabilities, enabling real-time discussions on trends and assisting with content generation.
  • Botsonic: Powered by GPT-4, it provides precise and secure customer service interactions, effectively reducing the number of support tickets.
  • AI Article Writer: Effortlessly generate articles that are not only on-brand and accurate but also optimized for search engine rankings.

3. Describely (Formerly known as Copysmith) for product descriptions

Describely is an SEO copywriting tool that specializes in crafting content for Product Detail Pages (PDPs).

Launched by the founder of Copysmith in October 2020, Describely has been introduced as a distinct offering.

Describely's pricing structure is tailored to the size of your product catalog, beginning at $9 monthly for managing 15 products with 2 updates or data enrichments. For larger non-enterprise businesses, the premium plan is available at $250 per month, accommodating up to 450 products and providing 45 data enrichment credits. Additionally, Describely proposes a bespoke enterprise plan for organizations with more substantial monthly needs for product updates or expansions.

Why use Describely over Simplified?

For e-commerce enterprises, Describely is the preferred alternative to Simplified for creating product descriptions.

Describely delivers a specialized service tailored to e-commerce entities, surpassing Simplified with its product description prowess. The platform enhances product data, generates superior AI-crafted descriptions, and enables mass content production for streamlined catalog upkeep.

The system offers customizable AI rules, incorporates cutting-edge SEO tools to improve web presence, and includes a unified content management interface. Describely also boasts effortless e-commerce platform integrations and cutting-edge AI image creation, enriching the overall brand presentation.

What’s the difference between Describely and Simplified?

Describely sets itself apart from Simplified by focusing on e-commerce, offering specialized features such as bulk content creation, e-commerce platform integrations, bespoke SEO tools, and a streamlined catalog import function.

Key features of Describely include:

  • AI-Driven SEO Tools: Integrated SEO tools designed for e-commerce enhance product visibility in search engine results.
  • Bulk Content Generation: Facilitates the production of content on a large scale, ensuring smooth synchronization with e-commerce sites.
  • Efficient Import Feature: Simplifies the process of importing product catalogs, making content management more efficient.
  • E-commerce Integrations: Describely offers effortless integration with leading e-commerce platforms, allowing for straightforward content updates.

4. Jasper AI for marketing teams

Launched in February 2021, Jasper AI is a platform powered by artificial intelligence that enhances productivity by simplifying the processes of content creation, idea generation, and research.

Jasper provides a "Creator" plan for $49 tailored to individual users, a "Pro" plan at $69 per user with a limit of five users, and a "Business" package that offers custom pricing along with additional functionalities.

Why use Jasper over Simplified?

Jasper AI encompasses many features similar to those offered by Simplified, consolidated into a single suite. A key feature for teams is the ability to collaborate on documents, which facilitates improved feedback and collective efforts in content creation.

As an alternative to Simplified, Jasper includes dedicated spaces for team organization on the platform. For enterprise clients, it also provides advanced security measures, as well as the ability to create tailored workflows and templates.

What’s the difference between Jasper and Simplified?

Jasper stands out from Simplified by offering collaborative features, heightened security for enterprise users, and adaptable workflows and templates for marketing teams.

Key features of Jasper include:

  • Custom Workflows and Templates: Enables marketing teams to design and implement workflows and templates that are specifically tailored to their needs.
  • Enhanced Security: For enterprise-level clients, Jasper provides additional security protocols to safeguard confidential data.
  • Team Spaces: The platform includes specialized sections for team collaboration, allowing various groups to work together seamlessly.

5. Copy.ai for multi purpose content writing

Copy.ai functions as a multifaceted AI copywriting tool, providing users with the capability to employ AI for a variety of writing tasks in numerous marketing domains.

Currently, Copy.ai offers a free tier, a Pro plan priced at $49 per month, and a Team plan for $249 per month. For bigger teams requiring more than 20 seats, Copy.ai also proposes a customized enterprise package.

Why use Copy.ai over Simplified?

Copy.ai is crafted to support AI-enhanced copywriting for an extensive array of content categories. With over 90 tailor-made templates, the platform serves a diverse set of marketing and sales needs.

Hence, if your content requirements include numerous specific applications, such as email marketing, Copy.ai might be the ideal alternative to Simplified.

What’s the difference between Copy.ai and Simplified?

Copy.ai distinguishes itself from Simplified with its impressive suite of more than 2000 integrations and a comprehensive selection of over 90 templates designed for a wide range of copywriting scenarios.

Key features of Copy.ai include:

  • Diverse Templates: Copy.ai offers an extensive variety of templates, exceeding 90 in number, to suit various types of content and marketing requirements.
  • Multiple Use Cases: The platform is engineered to support an expansive array of use cases, establishing its versatility in the copywriting domain.
  • Extensive Integrations: Boasting over 2000 integrations, Copy.ai enables effortless connection with a vast array of tools and platforms.

Want to know about Copy.ai alternatives? If yes, check out this article.

6. Anyword for text writing and analyzing

Originally launched as Keywee in 2013, the platform known today as Anyword underwent a rebranding in 2021. It now presents an AI writing platform that emphasizes comprehensive text analysis and dissection.

Anyword's subscription plans start at $49 per month, with an advanced business plan offered at $499 per month, and a tailored enterprise plan with custom pricing options.

Why use Anyword over Simplified?

Simplified is a multifunctional AI writing tool catering to a variety of content creation needs, while Anyword specializes in AI-driven content writing with a focus on providing analytical insights. These insights help refine marketing strategies and tailor content to specific audiences. Anyword excels in general marketing use, aiding in the development of content that resonates with your intended demographic.

What’s the difference between Anyword and Simplified?

Anyword emerges as a strong alternative to Simplified, with its ability to craft content that aligns closely with the preferences of particular audience groups, maintains adherence to brand standards, and utilizes an innovative copy scoring system based on a company's historical performance metrics.

Key attributes of Anyword include:

  • Custom Copy Scoring: Utilizing historical company data, Anyword's AI develops a scoring system to improve the relevance and impact of content.
  • Brand Guidelines Enforcement: Anyword ensures that all content consistently reflects the brand's voice and language guidelines.
  • Target Audience Precision: The platform is adept at creating content that targets specific audience demographics, taking into account details such as profession, gender, age, and distinct challenges.

7. Writer for enterprises

Launched in August 2020, Writer stands out as a unique AI copywriting platform that utilizes bespoke Large Language Models (LLMs) to tailor the AI's training to a user's website content.

Aimed at enterprise clients, Writer offers two pricing levels: an affordable monthly subscription of $18 per user and a customizable enterprise package, priced according to the size and needs of the business.

Why use Writer over Simplified?

Writer's platform boasts proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs), an in-house Knowledge Graph for seamless data integration, AI safeguards for rule compliance, and an extensive array of APIs and integrations. It adheres to strict data privacy protocols, complying with SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and Privacy Shield standards.

For substantial enterprises that place a high value on data privacy and require an AI solution adept at generating content consistent with their brand identity, Writer is an appropriate alternative to Simplified.

What’s the difference between Writer and Simplified?

Writer distinguishes itself from Simplified through its specialized Large Language Models, an integrated Knowledge Graph for data consolidation, and AI guardrails that ensure content adheres to compliance and brand guidelines.

Key features of Writer include:

  • Custom LLMs: Offers proprietary Large Language Models tailored to the specific content needs of your organization.
  • Knowledge Graph: Merges internal data with the LLMs to produce content that is accurate and contextually relevant.
  • AI Guardrails: Enforces custom compliance and brand voice rules to maintain the integrity and consistency of content.

7 Best Simplified Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

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