Top 14 Generative AI Applications in 2024

AI Applications have evolved from simplistic tasks to pioneering complex roles in 2024 due to the rise of Generative AI.

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Torbjørn Flensted
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April 24, 2024

What is an AI Application?

A generative AI application is a software program or system that utilizes artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms to perform specific tasks or solve problems.

3 Business Benefits of Using Generative AI Applications

Generative AI applications can help your business with:

  1. Increased efficiency: Automate tasks to save time and resources.
  2. Enhanced creativity: Generate unique ideas to stay ahead.
  3. Improved decision-making: Analyze data for valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Top 14 Best Generative AI Applications in 2024

No. AI Application Use case
1 Monkeylearn No-code AI for precise text analysis.
2 ChatGPT Advanced chatbot for rapid, detailed responses.
3 Ubersuggest AI Writer AI for engaging, SEO-friendly content creation.
4 One-click tool for SEO-optimized content creation.
5 Notion AI AI-powered text generator for efficient workflows.
6 TLDR This Summarizes lengthy articles for quick reading.
7 Brandwatch AI insights for superior marketing strategies.
8 Browse AI Automates web data extraction and monitoring.
9 Synthesia User-friendly AI for efficient video creation.
10 Runway AI for accessible, professional-grade video editing.
11 Unscreen AI for accurate, simplified video editing.
12 Adobe Firefly Stimulates creativity with AI-powered design tool.
13 Midjourney Transforms text prompts into unique visuals.
14 Human Generator Generates realistic human images using AI technology.

AI Content Creation and SEO Applications:

1) Monkeylearn


Monkeylearn is a no-code AI tool that offers text analysis tasks, including sentiment and intent analysis. Its unique offering allows users to customize machine learning models, yielding more precise and relevant results for specific use cases.

2) ChatGPT


ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a renowned web-based chatbot that rapidly gained traction after its launch in November 2022. Its interface emulates a traditional chatbot, enabling users to pose questions and receive prompt, detailed responses.

Known for its advanced conversational capabilities, ChatGPT represents a significant evolution in AI chat technology.

3) Ubersuggest AI Writer


Ubersuggest AI Writer employs AI to assist in content creation, making it more engaging and SEO-friendly. The core benefit is the fast creation of content that aligns with SEO best practices, helping businesses improve their visibility in search engine results.


URL: is a groundbreaking tool that employs AI for keyword research and content creation. It excels at unearthing high-performing keywords for targeted SEO strategies.

Moreover, its one-click content creation feature simplifies the generation of quality, SEO-optimized content, saving users time and boosting the efficiency of their content marketing efforts.

5) Notion AI


Building upon Notion's beloved features like customization options, aesthetics, and ease of use, Notion AI emerges as a significant addition. This AI-powered text generator and editor, integrated seamlessly into the Notion app, allows users to generate and edit text without leaving the platform.

Notion AI delivers an enhanced user experience by providing an efficient and smooth workflow, earning the praise and appreciation of its user base.

6) TLDR This


TLDR This is an AI-powered tool designed to condense lengthy articles into manageable summaries. With a simple interface, users paste a link, choose the level of detail for the summary, and receive a concise version highlighting the key points.

TLDR This also offers browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox, enabling on-the-go summarization during browsing. This tool offers ten free summaries, with advanced plans available for higher demand, making it an essential asset for quick and efficient content digestion.

AI Social Media and Web Analysis Applications

7) Brandwatch


Brandwatch leverages AI to provide businesses with critical insights into their competitors' social media content. Its advanced algorithms analyze and summarize themes, giving businesses the edge they need to build superior marketing strategies.

8) Browse AI


Browse AI employs AI to automate web data extraction and monitoring tasks, saving users significant time on repetitive work.

Its ability to detect changes in real-time ensures businesses have access to up-to-date web data, vital for strategic decision-making.

AI Video Editing Applications

9) Synthesia


Synthesia is an industry leader in AI-powered video generation. With its user-friendly platform, users can create realistic videos using AI avatars—based on real actors—by simply inputting text. Offering over 125 AI avatars that can speak in more than 120 languages, Synthesia makes the video creation process more efficient and adaptable.

10) Runway


Simplifying the traditionally complex process of video editing, Runway provides an accessible and cost-effective solution for enhancing video footage.

With capabilities such as background removal, object painting, and subtitle addition, Runway makes professional-grade video editing accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

11) Unscreen


Unscreen revolutionizes video editing by employing AI to automatically remove backgrounds from videos. This eliminates the tedious manual task of pixel selection and color masking.

The tool's AI is capable of detecting even the smallest details, leading to highly accurate and professional-grade results, thereby enhancing the quality of video editing and simplifying the process significantly.

AI Graphic Design and Art Generation Applications

12) Adobe Firefly


Adobe Firefly is a revolutionary AI-powered tool designed to stimulate creativity and unlock potential. It uses simple text prompts to create stunning visuals, manipulate text, experiment with color, and more.

Its standout feature is the ability to generate intricate images from detailed text descriptions, thereby turning creative concepts into reality with ease.

13) Midjourney


Midjourney is an innovative AI art generator in its beta stage, accessible via Discord. This tool swiftly transforms text prompts into four unique visual designs. The eye-catching image gracing the top of this page showcases Midjourney's capabilities, having been created with this promising platform.

Its engaging nature leaves users wanting to explore more.

14) Human Generator


This human generator AI site is a web platform that employs artificial intelligence techniques, such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), to create highly realistic images of human faces or bodies.

Users can customize these images by altering attributes like age, gender, ethnicity, and facial expression, making them suitable for various applications such as entertainment, design, advertising, or research. With an intuitive interface, these sites enable complex image creation without needing specialized AI or design knowledge.

Top 14 Generative AI Applications in 2024

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