ChatGPT for SEO examples and use cases. 13 examples of application

A collection of examples and use cases of ChatGPT for SEO purposes.

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Daniel Højris Bæk
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April 24, 2024

Since the platform's launch, the tremendous power of ChatGPT for SEO and how to harness it for improving search engine results has gotten much attention from SEO professionals.
We have covered some of the best examples and use cases on how to use it for SEO optimization.

1) Using ChatGPT for search intent grouping

My colleague Torbjorn used the ChatGPT platform to test how it could assist with categorizing search intent on a range of keywords.

2) Describing keyword intent

Nik shows how he got ChatGPT create a table and attach a small search intent description for a range of keywords.

3) Generating catchy SEO titles

@tejas3732 uses ChatGPT for generating catchy SEO titles that will improve CTR from the search results

4) Doing SEO audits

Aleyda Solis illustrate how to have ChatGPT make the outline for what a SEO audit report should include

5) Code snippet examples for keywords in title and meta tags

Adrian Lievano has an example of using ChatGPT for creating code snippets on how to insert keywords in title and meta data tags

6) Analysing keyword difficulty and search volume for picking best keyword

Gary Osburg got ChatGPT to review which keyword to address in a combined keyword search volume and difficulty

7) Code snippet examples for keywords in title and meta tags

Another from Adrian Lievano where he gets code examples on how use structured data and how to use headline tags in order to improve SEO

8) Advice advice and grouping of keywords

James Blackwell asked ChatGPT for good keywords to use for his quiz generator site. And have them grouped as well.

9) Draft of full articles

Markus Schad made the classic example of getting ChatGPT to make the initial draft of an article. In this case the topic itself was SEO.

10) Draft of blog post including code examples

Sergey Romanenko does not only get a pure text, but demonstrates the use case of having ChatGPT include coding examples in the draft of the blog post

11) Title suggestion and meta description example

Luo Baishu had ChatGPT come up with title suggestions and a meta description for his site

12) Keyword suggestions

Ola King shows the classic use case of pure keyword generation

13) Keyword suggestions

KK uses ChatGPT to swap the noun in a search phrase, and then generate a list with the search phrase for all US states.

ChatGPT for SEO examples and use cases. 13 examples of application

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