Travel Agency saves time and money with "It's an excellent tool"

Discover how Reisebazaar, a Norwegian B2B travel agency, leverages to save time and optimize content for organic traffic.

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Adam Villaume
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August 15, 2023

When building and expanding a content hub for a travel agency with hundreds of destinations, a little help from AI goes a long way. That is what the Norwegian travel agency Reisebazaar quickly realized when they started to use

"For us, it's an excellent tool. I don't know how much time it saves us exactly, but it's a lot," the marketing manager, Thor Vas de Leon, says.

It was the agency's tech partner who recommended they tried, and over the next three months, Reisebazaar used the platform to write, generate and optimize 84 documents.

"We used to hire freelancers to write the articles, and even though it was outsourced, it was time-consuming and costly," he says.

About: Reisebazaar is a B2B tour operator specializing in experiential travel to over 170 countries and territories worldwide. The agency offers a diverse range of travel packages, including diving trips, family vacations, cultural tours, honeymoon getaways, hiking and biking tours, expeditions, and journeys for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers. They provide these trips to travel agencies primarily in the Nordic countries.

After the introduction of, content production is done in-house at reduced time and cost and with the added benefit of the specific SEO features available.

The 5 Most Helpful Features, According to Reisebazaar

By their own account, Reisebazaar is still learning how to get the most out of, but they enjoy using the editor with its text-generating features and helpful keyword tool.

According to Reisebazaar, the five most helpful and commonly used features, in random order, are:

  1. Title/headline tool. It creates interesting titles, and the ability to optimize and compare them against competitors is a great feature.
  2. AI content writer. The preset instructions 'facts', 'write introduction' and 'just write more' are used all the time.
  3. 'Auto generate'. The suggested topics help Reisebazaar identify relevant additions to their articles.
  4. Supported languages. Reisebazaar features articles for each destination in several languages, and supports them all.
  5. SEO score. Being able to see how an article, new or existing, performs in relation to SEO best practices and when compared to competitors is very valuable.

In the following, we dive into the specifics of how Reisebazaar uses and leverages AI in general to create and optimize their content.

Creating an Article is Made Flexible with

At Reisebazaar, they use to both create entirely new articles and optimize existing content. When creating new ones, they often mix ChatGPT,, and writing manually.

For Thor Vaz de Leon, the freedom to switch as needed is a clear benefit.

"I usually start by clicking the 'write introduction' and then the 'facts' in But I like the chat format in ChatGPT, so I often use that to ask simple questions and then copy the answer into," he says.

It's articles such as this one Reisebazaar creates and optimizes with

In essence, Thor Vaz de Leon builds an article from individual sections created by AI and sometimes written manually. He has a fairly substantial knowledge of what the different destinations have to offer, having worked in the travel industry for many years.

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When creating a text about Egypt, he knows he wants something about the Aswan Dam. So Thor Vaz de Leon simply types in "write something about the Aswan Dam," and the AI generates a usable text.

Reisebazaar generate descriptions of must-see sites with AI-powered tools; and ChatGPT.

Other times he writes a headline for a paragraph and lets AI fill in the text.

"I use the 'just write more'-button all the time. I write things like 'what are the most popular restaurants in Athens' and hit 'just write more'," he explains.

Generative AI Inspires More Topics can generate entire articles with 'Auto generate', but as mentioned, Thor Vaz de Leon prefers to create the text in sections. However, he uses the 'Auto generate' as inspiration.

"I normally use the 'Auto generate' to see what it comes up with. If it comes up with something we didn’t think of, I include that in the article," he says.

When writing about a country rather than a destination, 'Auto generate' often suggests writing about food, which is something Reisebazaar usually doesn’t include. After using, they have started to include food and restaurants in their descriptions.

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It's no secret that generative AI can hallucinate and sometimes write something that simply isn't true. That happens to Thor Vaz de Leon as well.

"There was this text I did about a very small Island, Sankt Helena, and the AI wrote about the beautiful beaches. Except the island has no beaches - I know, I have been there!" he says, laughing.

Basic facts about a country or destination is generated by AI and supplemented by data and useful tools from other websites.

That is why human oversight for proofreading and fact-checking is vital. The time saved is still impressive, according to Thor Vaz de Leon.

"The article I did on Egypt took about an hour, including editing, proofreading, and fact-checking when it would normally be around four to six hours. So it saves us a lot of time."

Travel Agency saves time and money with "It's an excellent tool"

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