17 Best OpenAI Sora AI Video Examples (2024)

OpenAI's Sora blurs the line between "real" and "fake". This quantum leap in AI and video technology propels us years into the future, outpacing previous advancements

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Torbjørn Flensted
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February 20, 2024

AI video startups like Runway, and tech giants like Facebook and Google, must be losing sleep since OpenAI launched their latest invention, Sora.

With a wave of a magic wand, these companies have been set back one to two years, unless they catch up quickly.

They might have wondered:

"How did they achieve this, when we only dreamed of achieving this in years?"

In the following, I'll share the best Sora video examples so far.

What is Sora?

Sora is an AI model developed by OpenAI that specializes in creating realistic and imaginative video content from text instructions. It can generate videos that last up to a minute, maintaining high visual quality and closely adhering to the provided prompts.

Sora brings the physical world to life with striking realism. This leap towards comprehensive artificial intelligence capabilities blurs the lines between the virtual and the real, revolutionizing the landscape of video creation.

How the OpenAI Sora technology is built

OpenAI's Sora is a large-scale generative model trained on video data. It utilizes a text-conditional diffusion model that operates on spacetime patches of video and image latent codes. The model is capable of generating high fidelity videos of up to a minute in length. This approach suggests that scaling video generation models could be a promising path towards building general-purpose simulators of the physical world.

Sora's success lies in its ability to unify all types of visual data into one representation, enabling large-scale model training. By compressing videos into a lower-dimensional latent space and breaking down the representation into spacetime patches, Sora can generate videos and images of various durations, aspect ratios, and resolutions.

As a diffusion model, Sora is trained to predict the original "clean" patches from input noisy patches and conditioning information like text prompts. This diffusion transformer model has shown remarkable scaling properties across various domains, making Sora a highly scalable and effective tool for training generative models on diverse types of videos and images.

17 best OpenAI Sora AI video examples

Heres the best examples of videos generated with Sora:

1) Tokyo walk

Here's the Sora video example 1:

Prompt: A stylish woman walks down a Tokyo street filled with warm glowing neon and animated city signage. She wears a black leather jacket, a long red dress, and black boots, and carries a black purse. She wears sunglasses and red lipstick. She walks confidently and casually. The street is damp and reflective, creating a mirror effect of the colorful lights. Many pedestrians walk about.

2) Wooly mammoth

Here's the Sora video example 2:

Prompt: Several giant wooly mammoths approach treading through a snowy meadow, their long wooly fur lightly blows in the wind as they walk, snow covered trees and dramatic snow capped mountains in the distance, mid afternoon light with wispy clouds and a sun high in the distance creates a warm glow, the low camera view is stunning capturing the large furry mammal with beautiful photography, depth of field.

3) Mitten astronaut

Here's the Sora video example 3:

Prompt: A movie trailer featuring the adventures of the 30 year old space man wearing a red wool knitted motorcycle helmet, blue sky, salt desert, cinematic style, shot on 35mm film, vivid colors.

4) Big sur

Here's the Sora video example 4:

Prompt: Drone view of waves crashing against the rugged cliffs along Big Sur’s garay point beach. The crashing blue waters create white-tipped waves, while the golden light of the setting sun illuminates the rocky shore. A small island with a lighthouse sits in the distance, and green shrubbery covers the cliff’s edge. The steep drop from the road down to the beach is a dramatic feat, with the cliff’s edges jutting out over the sea. This is a view that captures the raw beauty of the coast and the rugged landscape of the Pacific Coast Highway.

5) Monster with melting candle

Here's the Sora video example 5:

Prompt: Animated scene features a close-up of a short fluffy monster kneeling beside a melting red candle. The art style is 3D and realistic, with a focus on lighting and texture. The mood of the painting is one of wonder and curiosity, as the monster gazes at the flame with wide eyes and open mouth. Its pose and expression convey a sense of innocence and playfulness, as if it is exploring the world around it for the first time. The use of warm colors and dramatic lighting further enhances the cozy atmosphere of the image.

6) Origami undersea

Here's the Sora video example 6:

Prompt: A gorgeously rendered papercraft world of a coral reef, rife with colorful fish and sea creatures.

7) Ships in coffee

Here's the Sora video example 7:

Prompt: Photorealistic closeup video of two pirate ships battling each other as they sail inside a cup of coffee.

8) Man on the cloud

Here's the Sora video example 8:

Prompt: A young man at his 20s is sitting on a piece of cloud in the sky, reading a book.

9) Gold rush

Here's the Sora video example 9:

Prompt: Historical footage of California during the gold rush.

10) Closeup of womans eye

Here's the Sora video example 10:

Prompt: Extreme close up of a 24 year old woman’s eye blinking, standing in Marrakech during magic hour, cinematic film shot in 70mm, depth of field, vivid colors, cinematic

11) Suv in the dust

Here's the Sora video example 11:

Prompt: The camera follows behind a white vintage SUV with a black roof rack as it speeds up a steep dirt road surrounded by pine trees on a steep mountain slope, dust kicks up from it’s tires, the sunlight shines on the SUV as it speeds along the dirt road, casting a warm glow over the scene. The dirt road curves gently into the distance, with no other cars or vehicles in sight. The trees on either side of the road are redwoods, with patches of greenery scattered throughout. The car is seen from the rear following the curve with ease, making it seem as if it is on a rugged drive through the rugged terrain. The dirt road itself is surrounded by steep hills and mountains, with a clear blue sky above with wispy clouds.

12) Train window

Here's the Sora video example 12:

Prompt: Reflections in the window of a train traveling through the Tokyo suburbs.

13) Amalfi coast

Here's the Sora video example 13:

Prompt: A drone camera circles around a beautiful historic church built on a rocky outcropping along the Amalfi Coast, the view showcases historic and magnificent architectural details and tiered pathways and patios, waves are seen crashing against the rocks below as the view overlooks the horizon of the coastal waters and hilly landscapes of the Amalfi Coast Italy, several distant people are seen walking and enjoying vistas on patios of the dramatic ocean views, the warm glow of the afternoon sun creates a magical and romantic feeling to the scene, the view is stunning captured with beautiful photography.

14) Paper airplanes

Here's the Sora video example 14:

Prompt: A flock of paper airplanes flutters through a dense jungle, weaving around trees as if they were migrating birds.

15) Cat on bed

Here's the Sora video example 15:

Prompt: A cat waking up its sleeping owner demanding breakfast. The owner tries to ignore the cat, but the cat tries new tactics and finally the owner pulls out a secret stash of treats from under the pillow to hold the cat off a little longer.

16) Birds over river

Here's the Sora video example 16:

Prompt: Borneo wildlife on the Kinabatangan River

17) Chinese new year dragon

Here's the Sora video example 17:

Prompt: A Chinese Lunar New Year celebration video with Chinese Dragon.

17 Best OpenAI Sora AI Video Examples (2024)

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