Top 60 Local Keywords for SEO (2024)

Skyrocket your small business's rankings on Google with these top local SEO keywords.

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Torbjørn Flensted
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April 24, 2024

Craft a winning local SEO strategy and propel your small business to the top of Google rankings by harnessing the power of these carefully selected local keywords.

What is a Local Keyword?

A local keyword is a search term or phrase that includes specific geographical qualifiers, such as a city, neighborhood, or other localized names.

Local Keyword Example: "Italian restaurant in Brooklyn" is a local keyword, whereas "Italian restaurant" is a general keyword.

Tip: Explore our guide to master local keywords: Local SEO for small businesses.

A google search using local keywords: "wedding photographer in eureka springs".

Why are Local Keywords Important for Your Local Business?

A local keyword strategy helps you rank at the top of Google:

  • Boost local rankings: Optimize your content with local keywords to improve your search engine rankings in the local area and attract targeted traffic.
  • Attract more clients: Use local keywords to attract potential clients searching for services near their location.
  • Cost-effective: Utilize local keywords for a cheaper alternative to traditional advertising, reaching customers actively searching for local businesses.

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Top 60 Local Keywords for SEO

Boost your online presence with these powerful local SEO keywords ideas tailored for your target audience.

# Local Keyword Local Keyword Example
1 [service] in [city] Plumbing in Sedona
2 [profession] near [city] Dentist near Aspen
3 Best [product] shops in [city] Best coffee shops in Eureka
4 [city] famous for [product/service] Key West famous for seafood
5 [service] specials in [city] Massage specials in Galena
6 Top-rated [profession] in [city] Top-rated chiropractor in Branson
7 [product] suppliers in [city] Timber suppliers in Telluride
8 [city] [profession] directory Tacoma lawyer directory
9 [product] sale in [city] Electronics sale in Ojai
10 [service] appointments in [city] Dental appointments in Hood River
11 [city] [product] discounts Bar Harbor shoe discounts
12 Budget-friendly [service] in [city] Budget-friendly spas in Carmel
13 [service] testimonials in [city] Hair salon testimonials in Jackson
14 Premier [service] in [city] Premier theaters in Montauk
15 [product] wholesalers in [city] Apparel wholesalers in Bozeman
16 [service] booking in [city] Hotel booking in Bisbee
17 [profession] consultation in [city] Financial consultation in Flagstaff
18 [city]'s best [product/service] Stowe's best winter gear
19 [product] clearance in [city] Furniture clearance in Solvang
20 [city] [service] comparison Traverse City insurance comparison
21 [service] specials near me Pedicure specials near me
22 [profession] open now in [city] Pharmacies open now in Taos
23 [city] [product] outlet Lahaina swimwear outlet
24 24/7 [service] in [city] 24/7 locksmith in Moab
25 Trusted [profession] in [city] Trusted electrician in Port Townsend
26 Organic [product] store in [city] Organic grocery store in Homer
27 [service] classes in [city] Yoga classes in Port Angeles
28 [profession] rates in [city] Mortgage rates in Sitka
29 [city] [service] membership Estes Park gym membership
30 5-star [service] in [city] 5-star spa in Mendocino
31 [service] with discounts near me Restaurants with discounts near me
32 [profession] with free consultation in [city] Lawyers with free consultation in Pigeon Forge
33 High-quality [product] in [city] High-quality shoes in Manistee
34 Award-winning [profession] in [city] Award-winning chefs in Annapolis
35 Recommended [service] near me Recommended car wash near me
36 [city] [product] rentals Sandpoint kayak rentals
37 Top [service] deals near me Top massage deals near me
38 [city] [product] subscription Coeur d'Alene magazine subscription
39 24-hour [profession] near me 24-hour veterinarian near me
40 [product] delivery in [city] Pizza delivery in Mystic
41 Affordable [profession] near me Affordable interior designer near me
42 [city] heritage [service] Williamsburg heritage tours
43 Fresh [product] market in [city] Fresh seafood market in Kennebunkport
44 Emergency [service] in [city] Emergency plumbing services in Leavenworth
45 [service] festivals in [city] Music festivals in Asheville
46 [city] [product] expo Provincetown art expo
47 Eco-friendly [service] in [city] Eco-friendly landscaping in Sedona
48 [city] [service] workshops Galena pottery workshops
49 Luxury [product] showroom in [city] Luxury car showroom in Newport
50 [city]'s award-winning [service] Santa Fe's award-winning day spas
51 Organic [product] near me Organic fruits near me
52 [service] retreats in [city] Yoga retreats in Boulder
53 [city] [product] gallery Charleston photography gallery
54 Specialized [service] near me Specialized bike repairs near me
55 [service] training in [city] Barista training in Portland
56 [product] customization in [city] Jewelry customization in Savannah
57 Authentic [service] in [city] Authentic sushi restaurants in Honolulu
58 Upcoming [product/service] events in [city] Upcoming wine tasting events in Napa
59 [city] certified [profession] San Diego certified nutritionists
60 [product] subscription box from [city] Gourmet cheese subscription box from Madison

FAQs on Local Keywords

What's the difference between a local keyword and a general keyword?

A local keyword has geographical indicators (like city or neighborhood names) that target specific locations. A general keyword is broader and doesn't specify a location. For instance, "dentist in Manhattan" is local, while "dentist" is general.

How do local keywords improve my business visibility online?

Local keywords help search engines understand where your business is located, allowing them to show your content to users in or searching for your area, making you more relevant to local search queries.

Can I use multiple cities or locations in one local keyword?

Yes, but it's essential to keep user intent in mind. Instead of stuffing multiple locations, create content specifically tailored for each location for better results.

How often should I update my local keywords?

Regularly. Local trends and search patterns can change. It's good to review and update your local keyword strategy at least semi-annually.

Are local keywords only essential for businesses with physical locations?

No. Even if you operate online, targeting potential customers in specific locations can be beneficial, especially if your service or product caters to a local audience's unique needs.

How do I find the best local keywords for my business?

Use SEO tools like Google's Keyword Planner or to research popular search terms in your area related to your business.

Should I consider local slang or colloquial terms in my keywords?

Absolutely. If locals commonly use specific terms or phrases when referring to services or products you offer, including them can make your content resonate more.

Do local keywords affect my Google My Business listing?

Yes. Integrating local keywords into your GMB listing, especially in descriptions, can enhance your visibility in local search results.

Is it enough to just include my city name for effective local SEO?

While the city name is crucial, consider also incorporating neighborhoods, landmarks, or popular local terms for a comprehensive local SEO strategy.

Top 60 Local Keywords for SEO (2024)

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