8 Best Anyword AI Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

Discover the best anyword alternatives for your marketing team. Enhance content creation and streamline copywriting processes effortlessly.

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April 24, 2024

Anyword is an AI-powered writing tool utilized by enterprise marketing teams, boasting a user base exceeding one million. Esteemed corporations such as Sony and Amazon rely on Anyword for their copywriting needs.

The platform provides a diverse suite of content creation tools, featuring over 100 marketing templates suitable for crafting emails, social media updates, product descriptions, and more.

Pricing for Anyword starts at $49 monthly for the basic subscription. A more advanced business plan is offered at $499 per month, while the enterprise plan includes tailored pricing options.

Anyword takes great pride in its enterprise offerings, which feature effortless integration of marketing channels on the platform, robust security protocols, spaces for team collaboration, and exceptional customer support. These services extend to account setup and onboarding for both their premium and enterprise plans. However, the platform's comprehensive features come at a premium cost, prompting the consideration of more cost-effective alternatives to this tool.

What are the best Anyword alternatives?

The Anyword alternatives you should consider are:

  • SEO.AI
  • Copy.ai
  • Jasper AI
  • Simplified
  • Writesonic
  • Rytr
  • Describely
  • Writer

Why you might need an alternative to Jasper

Anyword's steep pricing presents an opportunity to explore more affordable alternatives that offer similar capabilities at a reduced cost. Smaller companies with tighter budgets, or those seeking more specialized solutions, may not require the extensive template library. If your needs are more focused, such as requiring only product descriptions or a strong emphasis on SEO, there are alternative platforms that can accommodate your specific requirements.

What makes the best Anyword alternative?

Our Danish SEO agency's team of experts has carefully chosen a range of AI writing tools as alternatives to Anyword, drawing on their professional experience, personal favorites, and advice from reputable sources.

These tools should each fulfill at least one of these four factors:

  • C) Enhance content optimization through advanced AI algorithms.
  • B) Target a specific marketing niche or provide a distinctive improvement to the user experience.
  • D) Feature a distinctive Large Language Model (LLM) as a key selling point.
  • A) Serve as a cost-effective replacement for Anyword.

The 8 best Anyword alternatives

Consider these worthy alternatives to Anyword:

1. SEO.AI for SEOs

SEO.AI provides a complimentary trial, with premium packages beginning at an affordable rate of $49 monthly.

For those who consider content creation and optimization crucial to their SEO approach, SEO.AI stands out as the perfect counterpart to Anyword, with a focus on SEO-related tasks. SEO.AI was created with the vision of simplifying SEO for everyone, including small businesses, expert SEO practitioners, marketing groups, and agencies. The intent behind our platform is to make SEO widely accessible, dispelling the myth that it's only for those with technical expertise.

Why use SEO.AI over Anyword?

SEO.AI delivers top-notch AI-crafted content at a competitive price, positioning it as an attractive option compared to Anyword. It boasts an intuitive editor equipped with sophisticated SEO scoring and comprehensive optimization features.

While Anyword provides an extensive selection of content templates, SEO.AI streamlines the process with smooth ChatGPT integration. SEO.AI is the optimal solution for content creators and optimizers of all skill levels, offering a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

What’s the difference between SEO.AI and Anyword?

SEO.AI specializes in AI-driven copywriting for SEO, featuring sophisticated scoring systems, optimization utilities, and integration with ChatGPT, whereas Anyword is a broader AI copywriting service that addresses a range of marketing requirements.

SEO.AI stands out by offering cost-effective, premium AI content through a user-friendly editing interface.

SEO.AI helps you optimize content with its powerful AI SEO Editor

SEO.AI's editing platform surpasses Anyword in SEO capabilities, delivering a swifter user experience with an enhanced SEO scoring system that utilizes competitor analysis, detailed analytics, and the strategic use of keywords rich in semantic value. It assesses the competitiveness of titles and incorporates features for AI-guided optimization. Additionally, SEO.AI enhances the content creation experience with a ChatGPT-integrated chat function and an AI-assisted feature directly in the editor, making the writing process more engaging.

Conversely, while Anyword's editor is versatile enough for various marketing tasks, it may lack the specialized attributes crucial for SEO-focused writing. Anyword provides an array of templates and extensive customization options, yet will fall short in offering the depth of SEO-dedicated tools available with SEO.AI.

SEO.AI helps you plan your SEO content strategy

SEO.AI simplifies the keyword research process, ensuring it's not an overly complicated or lengthy task. With an abundance of keywords available, it's important to efficiently determine which new content to develop and which existing content to enhance.

The keyword research tool provided by SEO.AI is user-friendly and facilitates rapid content planning. Take, for instance, our AI Research tool, which quickly generates ideas, allowing you to effortlessly identify promising content opportunities and slot them into your "Planned Content" section. With straightforward keyword tagging and options for team collaboration, you can easily prioritize your content efforts.

In contrast, Anyword necessitates the use of a separate keyword research tool for SEO, which can incur extra expenses, especially if SEO is a primary concern. SEO.AI, on the other hand, incorporates a keyword research feature within its offering.

SEO.AI offers attractive pricing options when it comes to SEO

Assessing the premium offerings, SEO.AI presents a more budget-friendly option at $199 monthly, in comparison to Anyword's higher subscription cost of $499 per month. Additionally, if you need to integrate extra SEO utilities like SEMRush or Ahrefs for in-depth keyword analysis, your total monthly expenditure could escalate to a range of $650 to $900.

2. Copy.ai for multi purpose content writing

Copy.ai is a multifaceted AI copywriting platform that enables users to utilize artificial intelligence for a variety of marketing writing activities.

Offering a no-cost tier, Copy.ai also has a "Pro" plan available for $49 monthly, and a "Team" plan priced at $249 per month. For larger teams that require more than 20 seats, Copy.ai presents a tailored enterprise package. Generally, it stands as a more budget-friendly yet comparable option to Anyword.

Why use Copy.ai over Anyword?

Copy.ai offers many similar features to Anyword but with fewer options, and at a significantly lower cost, positioning it as an excellent alternative for many users. The platform provides over 90 flexible templates to cater to a broad range of marketing and sales requirements.

For smaller businesses that cannot allocate funds for an enterprise solution or a package costing $499, Copy.ai could be the budget-friendly Anyword alternative you're looking for.

What’s the difference between Copy.ai and Anyword?

Copy.ai sets itself apart from Anyword with its affordability, yet it still offers an abundance of valuable features, with applications that extend well beyond basic content writing needs.

Notable features of Copy.ai include:

  • Extensive Integration Options: Copy.ai's support for over 2000 integrations allows for effortless synchronization with numerous tools and platforms.
  • Diverse Templates: The platform provides an extensive collection of templates, ensuring you have the appropriate tools for any type of content or marketing aim.
  • Flexibility for Multiple Uses: Copy.ai is engineered to accommodate a wide variety of copywriting tasks, offering a versatile solution for different writing endeavors.

3. Jasper AI for marketing teams

Introduced in February 2021, Jasper AI is an AI-driven platform designed to enhance productivity by simplifying content creation, ideation, and research processes.

Jasper has a "Creator" plan available at $49 for an individual user, a "Pro" plan at $69 per seat with a limit of five seats, and a "Business" package with tailored pricing and additional functionalities.

Why use Jasper over Anyword?

Jasper AI boasts a suite of functionalities similar to Anyword, yet it enhances the content creation process with added features, such as document collaboration that allows for better team interaction and feedback, all at a lower cost.

Offering an alternative to Anyword, Jasper includes specialized team spaces for efficient organization of different groups within the platform. Additionally, its business-level package provides advanced security measures and the flexibility to develop custom workflows and templates.

What’s the difference between Jasper and Anyword?

Jasper differentiates itself from Anyword by offering unique Team Spaces for collaboration, robust security measures for enterprise-level users, and the ability to customize workflows and templates to fit the needs of marketing teams.

Noteworthy features of Jasper are:

  • Custom Workflows and Templates: The platform allows for the creation of tailored workflows and templates to streamline marketing activities.
  • Enhanced Security: Jasper's business package includes stringent security measures to protect sensitive information.
  • Team Spaces: Dedicated collaboration spaces within Jasper facilitate teamwork and content development across the platform.

4. Simplified for a hybrid between writing and videos/images

Launched in April 2022, Simplified provides a no-cost plan, a "Pro" tier at $15 monthly, and a "Business" tier at $30 monthly, along with a bespoke enterprise option.

Simplified is designed for all-encompassing content creation, allowing AI to weave your brand identity seamlessly into both textual and graphic content.

Why use Simplified over Anyword?

For individuals seeking a tool that excels in both copywriting and visual design, Simplified stands out as a superior alternative to Anyword, which mainly concentrates on generating textual content.

Simplified offers an extensive selection of AI-generated content possibilities, encompassing written content, conversions from text to image, and presentation assets. Additionally, it boasts design features such as background erasure, AI-facilitated background replacement, and image improvement, all supported by collaborative features for team-based content creation.

What’s the difference between Simplified and Anyword?

Simplified differentiates itself from Anyword by providing not just AI-generated text content but also visual imagery and presentation creation capabilities, enhanced by sophisticated design functionalities and collaborative options for team-based projects.

Notable features of Simplified are:

  • Collaborative Features: Simplified encourages teamwork by allowing several users to collaborate on content creation.
  • Design Tools: The platform includes design utilities like background removal, AI-assisted background replacement, and image enhancement for artistic design work.
  • AI Content Generation: Simplified is adept at generating a diverse range of content, from text to images and presentations.

5. Writesonic for general content generations

Writesonic provides a complimentary plan, with premium options for content creators beginning at a monthly rate of $16.67 per user.

Since its inception in July 2022, Writesonic has rapidly evolved into a leading content creation platform, garnering a user base of over 2 million.

Why use Writesonic over Anyword?

Writesonic offers a cost-effective option for solo practitioners or small teams, with rates starting at $16.67 per user, making it a more affordable alternative compared to Anyword's pricier plans.

Individual users can enjoy significant cost benefits while accessing a range of features that are on par with what Anyword provides.

What’s the difference between Writesonic and Anyword?

Writesonic emerges as a strong alternative to Anyword, offering a rich array of tools designed to refine the content creation process. Its standout features, such as the AI-driven customer service bot, Botsonic, and the sophisticated ChatGPT-style chat functionality, Chatsonic, differentiate it in the market.

Prominent features of Writesonic are:

  • Botsonic: Leverages GPT-4 for accurate and secure customer service, significantly diminishing support ticket counts.
  • Chatsonic: A cutting-edge AI chat tool that surpasses ChatGPT, facilitating real-time conversations on current trends and aiding in content creation.
  • AI Article Writer: Capable of quickly producing articles that align with brand identity and are optimized for search engine rankings.

6. Rytr for plagiarism checks

Rytr, a platform under Copysmith's umbrella, has amassed a user base of over 8 million, focusing on generating unique content while actively preventing plagiarism.

Rytr provides a free trial, with an option to upgrade to a premium subscription for $29 per month.

Why use Rytr over Anyword?

Rytr presents itself as a user-friendly platform that delivers key content writing functionalities at a lower cost, establishing it as a cost-effective choice compared to Anyword, albeit with fewer options available to the user.

Rytr ensures the authenticity of your content with its anti-plagiarism tools. It's a reliable service for producing content that is both high in quality and originality, free from concerns of content duplication.

Additionally, Rytr shines in rephrasing redundant content with its rewording features. When confronted with content that is too similar, Rytr's editing tools can swiftly refresh the material, ensuring it remains unique and engaging.

What’s the difference between Rytr and Anyword?

Rytr distinguishes itself from Anyword not only with its competitive pricing but also through its dedicated plagiarism checker that ensures the originality of content, its browser extension that provides seamless access to its tools, and its specialized approach to crafting targeted email content.

Notable features of Rytr are:

  • Email Content Specialization: Tailored tools for generating compelling email content that aims to engage and convert recipients.
  • Browser Extension: A convenient way to utilize Rytr's tools directly within your web browser for efficient content creation.
  • Plagiarism Checker: An advanced system to confirm the originality and authenticity of your content.

7. Describely for product descriptions

Describely is an SEO copywriting tool that specializes in creating content for PDP pages (Product Detail Pages) and is part of the Copysmith suite.

Describely's pricing structure is tailored to the volume of your product inventory, beginning at $9 monthly for 15 products, which includes 2 instances of data enrichment or textual revisions. The premium plan for smaller to mid-sized businesses costs $250 monthly, covering up to 450 products and providing 45 credits for data enrichment. Additionally, Describely proposes a bespoke enterprise package for larger organizations with more comprehensive monthly requirements for product updates or expansions.

Why use Describely over Anyword?

Describely is tailor-made for e-commerce businesses, positioning it as a more focused choice than Anyword when it comes to creating product descriptions.

In the e-commerce space, Describely outshines Anyword by offering a bespoke solution for product description challenges. It streamlines the process of product data enrichment, crafts superior AI-generated descriptions, and supports the generation of content in bulk for efficient catalog oversight.

The platform provides the option to customize AI rules, integrates sophisticated SEO tools to bolster online presence, and features a unified content management system. Additionally, Describely facilitates seamless integration with e-commerce systems and leverages advanced AI for image creation, enhancing the overall brand narrative.

What’s the difference between Describely and Anyword?

Describely differentiates itself from Anyword by honing in on e-commerce, offering specialized features such as effortless integrations with e-commerce platforms, the ability to generate content in bulk, SEO tools tailored for online retail, and a streamlined catalog import function.

Prominent features of Describely are:

  • Catalog Import Feature: Offers an easy method for uploading product catalogs, streamlining content oversight.
  • AI-Enhanced SEO Tools: Provides SEO optimization features specifically crafted for e-commerce environments to help products climb the search rankings.
  • Bulk Content Generation: Facilitates the creation of large volumes of content, syncing smoothly with e-commerce systems.
  • E-commerce Integrations: Establishes direct links with major e-commerce platforms, enabling hassle-free content updates.

8. Writer for enterprises

Introduced in August 2020, Writer is a unique AI copywriting tool that utilizes bespoke LLMs (Large Language Models) that learn from the content of the user's own website.

Targeted at enterprises, Writer provides two pricing tiers: a regular monthly subscription at $18 per user and an enterprise package with custom pricing, designed to fit the particular needs and size of the organization.

Why use Writer over Anyword?

Writer's platform boasts exclusive LLMs, a Knowledge Graph for merging internal data, AI guardrails for rule compliance, along with an extensive array of APIs and integrations. It adheres to stringent data privacy protocols, meeting the requirements of SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and Privacy Shield.

For substantial enterprises that place a premium on data protection and require an AI solution capable of producing content that reflects their brand's tone, Writer stands out as a superior choice over Anyword.

What’s the difference between Writer and Anyword?

Writer stands out from Anyword by offering tailored LLMs, a Knowledge Graph for seamless data integration, and AI guardrails to maintain content compliance and brand integrity.

Key features of Writer include:

  • Custom LLMs: Writer provides exclusive Large Language Models that are customized to meet your unique content creation needs.
  • Knowledge Graph: Integrates these LLMs with your internal data to ensure content relevance and precision.
  • AI Guardrails: Implements your specific rules to guarantee that all content is compliant and aligns with your brand's voice.

8 Best Anyword AI Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

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