Global SEO 
of 2023

We've put together a list of the most innovative and influential SEOs of 2023. These are the frontrunners shaping the future of search engine optimization and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

SEOs who not just follow trends but identify and create trends.
SEOs who are focused on raising the bar in our industry by analyzing, investigating, and experimenting with new technology and established practices.
SEOs who make our community better.

If you're a marketer looking to save time and boost your organic traffic, then these are the people you want to follow.

Aleyda Solis 🇪🇸

The SEO Voice of Authority

As an SEO consultant and international speaker, Aleyda is one of those SEOs who provide in-depth analysis of trends and SEO best practices and adds her own distinct voice to the mix both in writing and in person.

Julian Goldie 🇬🇧

Transforming Theories into SEO Practices

Julian provides tests and experiments that turn new theories and official guidelines into knowledge and best practices.

Matt Diggity 🇺🇸🇹🇭

Unleashing Insights for Smarter SEO Strategies

Through tests and case studies, Matt delivers insight into trends and professional experience, enabling us to work smarter.

Jes Scholz 🇦🇺

Agile Explorer of SEO Frontiers

Always testing, always learning, Jes is on a mission to discover new trends and realign best practices.

A strong belief in creating agile methodologies directs her efforts to the benefit of the company an the SEO community.

Glen Gabe 🇺🇸

Google Algorithm Decipherer

Through his own channels and as a reporter for Search Engine Land, Glenn focuses on Technical SEO insights and tears Google Algorithm updates apart for the good of the SEO community.

Andrew Charlton 🇬🇧

Data-Driven SEO Virtuoso

Number crunching is his game, and Sheet-magic should be his name.

Andrew focuses on leveraging large amounts of data to strengthen the SEO effort and is an AI pioneer.

Brodie Clark 🇦🇺

Connoisseur of Marketplace SEO

With extensive knowledge in Marketplace SEO and eCommerce, Brodie delivers specific insights that are incredibly valuable to this section of the industry.

Benjamin Goodey 🇬🇧

The SEO Strategy Decoder

Ben is the guy to follow if you are curious about SEO strategy and how other companies are doing SEO.

You'll get extensive case studies and insights into how strategies are evolving.

Areej AbuAli 🇬🇧

The Empowering SEO Innovator

Few other SEOs are as influential as Areej AbuAli. An accomplished SEO consultant and founder of TechSEOWomen, Arrej is a pioneer and true innovator of the SEO community.

Sharing knowledge and experience with search engine optimization and community building, making the industry a little better all the while.

Crystal Carter 🇬🇧

Veteran Virtuoso of SEO

As an experienced SEO with 15 years under her belt, Crystal has seen action in big companies like Disney, Mcdonald's, and more.

You can find her contributions at Google Search Central, Brighton SEO, and Search Engine Land, to name a few. Crystal is also a Women in Tech mentor, writer, speaker, and panelist.

Brian Dean 🇺🇸

Champion of Quality Content

Brian Dean has built an understanding of the workings of content online that few rival.

His data-driven insights into what works and why, advocating for quality  make his YouTube and Twitter accounts a must for SEOs and everyone working with content.

Rand Fishkin 🇺🇸

Digital Marketing Maestro

Rand is another heavy hitter in the SEO community, but his audience is wider.

With a broader focus on digital marketing and insights into how the trends in the different fields come together, Rand stays relevant across the board.

Cyrus Shepard 🇺🇸

The Intrepid Data Explorer

Follows the data wherever it leads and often takes his own followers down a virtual rabbit hole.

Cyrus tests new technology to the limit with queries and tasks the developers hopes no one uses. He exposes the weaknesses and strengths, and for that, we need to follow him.

Neil Patel 🇺🇸

The Content King of SEO

If something is worth mentioning, Neil has a blog post about it. If something might have an impact on SEO, Content, or Digital Marketing in general; Neil has a blog post about it - with visuals and probably a video too.

In short, If you aren't keeping an eye on Neil Patel, you should be.

Britney Muller 🇺🇸

Ambassador of AI in SEO

With a sharp focus on machine learning, Britney is dedicated to making AI accessible to every SEO.

Following her provides guides, how-tos, and easy-to-read information about AI and data science in general.

Barry Schwartz 🇺🇸

The Grounded Search Geek

The self-proclaimed Search Geek provides in-depth analysis of new technology and guidelines within SEO.

He never jumps on the hype train but keeps his insights realistic, relatable, and respectful.

Mike O'Brien 🇺🇸

Demystifying SEO with Tutorials

One of the things that makes Mike stand out is his tutorials. The fact that he doesn't just talk about and explain best practices, he shows you exactly how is invaluable to the SEO community.

There is so much inside knowledge in SEO, but Mike goes out of his way to make everything accessible.

Charly Wargnier 🇬🇧🇫🇷

Blending SEO and Data Science

Charly, or Chaz, combines his experience as a developer with his obsession with data science and AI to cut through assumptions and assertions about technical SEO.

Always "right on the money" with this one.

Lily Ray 🇺🇸

Harmonizing Research Scholar of SEO

An SEO professional leading a team of 30+ SEOs and international speaker who shares her research into the latest developments in SEO with industry-leading publications, at conferences, and on Twitter.

Besides being an accomplished DJ, by the way.

Martin Splitt 🇨🇭

Bridging Developers and SEOs

Apart from SEO in general, Martin has a particular interest in the matrix between developers and SEOs. An interest further stoked by his current position; working with Developer Relations at Google.

This makes him a unique contribution at conferences where he's a popular speaker, especially in Europe.

Gael Breton 🇭🇺

Authority in Audience Engagement

With a focus on site building, Gael is a fantastic SEO to keep an eye on, especially for companies looking to grow their following and engagement.

Patrick Stox 🇺🇸

Mr. Technical SEO

Patrick is the veritable Mr. Technical SEO at Ahrefs and provides important tests and experiments to the community so the rest of us feel safe when removing older 301 redirects, for instance.

Marie Haynes 🇨🇦

The Algorithm Whisperer

Having spent 15 years researching, experimenting, testing, and learning about Google's Search Algorithm, there are probably few outside of Google who understand it better than Marie.

Speaking at conferences and consulting companies, Marie shares her learnings on what the all-powerful algorithm will reward.

Bastian Grimm 🇩🇪

Cultural Conduit of SEO

With his unique experience with global audiences, Bastian delivers perspectives on reaching the right people in the right market.

He also provides insights into leveraging language and culture in your online marketing and SEO efforts.

Michael King 🇺🇸

The SEO Hip-Hop Head

Bridging the gap between SEO and hip-hop, Michael is an influential tech entrepreneur and the founder of iPullRank, a hugely successful SEO and digital marketing agency.

He's also the CMO of AIPRM, an addon to ChatGPT that makes creating and sharing prompts easy.

Ann Smarty 🇺🇸

The SEO Educator

Through blog posts and online courses, Ann makes shure everyone has a place to go to learn more about new trends and best practices.

Looking for help to get off to a good start with SEO? Ann Smarty has you covered.

Olaf Kopp 🇩🇪🇵🇹

The Semantic SEO Lighthouse

As one of the foremost international experts on semantic SEO, E-E-A-T guidelines, and modern search in general, Olaf is a lighthouse of knowledge SEOs everywhere look to.

You want to understand the industry? Follow Olaf and he will help you find your way in the ever-evolving world of SEO.

Jason Davis 🇺🇸

TikTok's SEO Trendsetter

With his helpful, short videos on TikTok, Jason makes SEO accessible to a new and curious group of marketing professionals and influencers.

As JasonTheSEOGuy he has grown his reach to more than 32.000 on TikTok, breaking through on a video-platform with SEO insights. Not bad Jason, not bad at all.

Jenny Halasz 🇺🇸

No-Nonsense SEO Guide

Jenny's insight is often like getting hit by a bucket of cold water, because she cuts through bullshit and hype and points to the exact spot where your efforts are lacking.

Do you think ChatGPT is great for the industry? Visit Jennys Twitter account. Her take on the matter provides much-needed nuance to the debate.

Marco Giordano 🇨🇭

The Analytics Aficionado

With a focus on analytics and everything data-driven, Marco provides the SEO community with the tools we all need to extract valuable insights from collected data.

He also provides guides on applying these insights to your website and strategies.

Criteria for selecting Global SEO Frontrunners of 2023

As members of the SEO community, we follow a lot of like-minded professionals who inspire and motivate us and who impact our work. When selecting the Global SEO Frontrunners of 2023, we look to the people who inspire us and lean on the following criteria to make sure everyone can find inspiration and innovation on the list.

Innovation - Dark X Webflow Template

A distinct voice

Parroting other's thoughts and findings isn't enough. We look for SEOs who contribute something unique, a perspective others have missed, or create a new insight through testing and experimentation.

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Large following

Size isn't everything, but if thousands of people follow and subscribe, it's an indicator that this particular SEO is worth a look. However, offering unique and helpful content can outweigh the size of the audience.

Openness - Dark X Webflow Template

Valuable contribution

Besides uniqueness, we look at how valuable the content is. Information in itself is great, but paired with examples and studies it's even better and making trends and best practices actionable is an important part of being an SEO frontrunner.

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We look for SEOs who aren't just posting a blog once every three months. We want people who are active and join discussions online, participate in talks and interviews, and share their insights and experiences generously.

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