We just launched 3 new keyword research tools, 'Projects' settings + Unlimited AI-words

We have just launched a major overhaul of the SEO.ai platform and extended it with extensive AI based keyword research.

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Daniel Højris Bæk
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April 24, 2024

We have just launched a major overhaul of the framework and tools supporting our AI based text editor. 

Besides a lot of improvement under the hood, the main three changes and improvements you as a user will experience are:

  • Project settings
  • 3 x Keyword research tools
  • Keywords saved on projects
  • Unlimited amount of AI-words generated

Streamlined workflow with project settings

All documents are now grouped into projects.

For each project you can set the overall project as defined with a shared:

  • name of the project
  • related website (will be used for internal links, soon to come)
  • audience
  • tone of voice
  • context
  • country and language

This means that you only need to define your audience and tone of voice once, and it will then be default in all documents, auto-drafts, etc.

If you are using the platform in multiple languages, you need to create a project for each language or country.

All your existing documents are grouped in "Legacy"-projects based on the language selected for each document.

We strongly recommend that you either update the project with the according information above (name of project, related website etc.) or create a new project from scratch and continue from there.

With our Standard package, you can create 2 projects, 5 with our Plus plan and 10 projects can be created with our Premium plan.

3 x Keyword research tools

We have launched two new tools for keyword research and taken the existing "Audience based" out of its beta version.

The three tools are as follows;

1. AI Keyword Explorer

Provide any command to the AI and it will provide you with keywords related to that command.

It might be that you want to 'Find keywords related to yoga exercises' or you want to "Keywords related to a topic cluster related to technical SEO'.

For each keyword, you will get the search volume and other related metrics.

2. Classic Keyword Explorer

The "Classic Explorer" is the standard keyword research tool where you can search for a term and then get search volume and other key metrics for that terms.

You will also get a list of words containing the main search term and the search data for each of these.

So if you search for 'technical SEO' you will also get data for 'technical audit SEO', 'SEO technical checklist', 'technical SEO tools' etc.

3. Audience Based Keywords

In this tool, you provide a key term (like 'yoga), select an audience from the AI suggestions or type in your own (it could be 'People looking to improve their physical health and fitness'), and then select a problem or goal of that audience (like 'Increasing flexibility and strength').

The tool will then based on the provided input identify relevant keywords along with the key metrics.

Keywords saved on projects

You use the new keyword research tool, you can save all the keywords you find that are relevant to your project.

All saved keywords can be found under "Project Keywords" where you can also delete them again.

For each keyword, you can also see if you have created any documents based on that keyword and initiate a new document or auto-generate a full article based on the keyword.

Every time you run a SEO audit or initiate a auto-draft from a keyword list, that keyword will automatically be added the the project keyword list.

Bulk-add keywords and get search data

If you have existing keywords you want to add to the project, you can use the "paste Keywords" function (in the menu when using the button "Add keywords").

For all the added keywords you will get search volume data.

Export data as CSV

You can export all your saved keywords in a CSV file format and get the list along with the keyword data. 

Unlimited amount of AI-words generated

As we introduce more and more features, we realized that the amount of words should not be our differentiator or what our users are paying for. 

So we made the rather drastic choice of providing unlimited* amount of AI words generated in all our plans.

So you can go crazy and have the AI generate as many words as you desire. You are welcome!

* Unlimited is within a fair use limit, so that the platform is not misused.

We just launched 3 new keyword research tools, 'Projects' settings + Unlimited AI-words

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