We’re on a mission to revolutionise SEO with artificial intelligence

With many decade within the search industry, we know that creating impactful SEO content and copy can be a pain. We are on a mission to make that pain go away.

The story behind us

We are a team of veteran SEO geeks and business founders. We have been working with SEO and optimisation for search engines since 2004, advising thousands of companies and writing several books on the topic.

We believe many are still relying on outdated manuel methods when it comes to generating content that ranks in Google. Instead of taking full advantage of the capabilities of modern AI. We created seo.ai to change this.

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Our Story - Dark X Webflow Template

Specialist within search engine optimisation

We have chosen to specialize in SEO alone. The complexity modern SEO requires makes us think it is useless to do otherwise. With us, you avoid having to decide for yourself on keyword analysis, technical setup and the latest updates to Google's algorithms. We take care of everything from a-z so you are guaranteed better results.

The values that drive
everything we do

There are some of the fundamental principals that guides and drives us forward every day.

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Innovation is at our core in order to make old and outdated methods obsolete and embrace the full power technology today offers - in order to create better results for our customers.

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We are not here to create small optimisation of how you do your work. We’re on a mission to revolutionise SEO for content creation. That requires taking new roads and making bold choices.

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We believe that openness and transparency about artificial intelligence is essential in order to show that the technology does what it is designed to do, and that it is ethically sound. We know that there is still much scepticism about artificial intelligence, but we believe that openness will help to address these concerns.

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Being best of the best requires a lot of dedication and passion. We simply love our field and the combination of cutting-edge technology,

Come and visit us!

Although our lives and work is digital we love to meet face to face. If you are in the neighbourhood we would always love to meet up for a lovely brew of coffee.

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