11 Best SurferSEO Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

Exploring SurferSEO alternatives can supercharge your content creation.

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Casper Thode
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April 24, 2024

These SurferSEO alternatives and competitors might offer fresh solutions for your SEO needs.

What is SurferSEO?


SurferSEO facilitates content creation with research, plagiarism checks, and integrates seamlessly across various platforms.

Unique features we like:

  • Built-in Outline Builder.
  • Plagiarism checking for articles.

While there's a plethora of AI tools online offering robust alternatives to SurferSEO, we've curated a list below highlighting some top competitors and substitutes for SurferSEO that you can give a go.

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The 11 Best SurferSEO Alternatives

1) MarketMuse


MarketMuse offers AI-driven insights for content optimization, planning, competitive analysis, and content briefing, enhancing overall site authority and performance.

Unique feature we like:

  • Cluster creation and analysis.

2) SEO.ai


SEO.ai generates long-form content optimized for Google, conducts keyword research, analyzes competitors, and offers real-time Google SERP insights with advanced editing capabilities.

Unique features we like:

  • Real-time Google SERP analysis.
  • Proprietary scoring algorithms.
  • Automatic competitor keyword detection.

3) Article Forge


Article Forge harnesses a decade of AI research to autonomously craft in-depth, topical, SEO-friendly articles that not only resonate with human readers but are also favored by Google's algorithms, making content creation effortless and efficient.

Unique features we like:

  • Real-time research on current events.
  • Offers bulk article creation.

4) ZeitPub


ZeitPub transforms Google Search and News findings into SEO-optimized, referenced articles, effortlessly publishable on WordPress, overcoming writer's block and amplifying creativity.

Unique features we like:

  • Converts Google Search into articles.
  • Auto-posts to WordPress.

5) Byword


Byword crafts tailored, AI-generated articles and social posts, paired with high-quality images, while offering custom styles, integrations, and content suggestions for your domain.

Unique features we like:

  • Generates images for accompanying articles.
  • Single-click social post creation.
  • Seamless integration with popular platforms.

6) SEO Writing AI


SEO Writing AI seamlessly crafts unique, SEO-optimized content, offers affiliate-focused tools, integrates with WordPress, and simplifies content creation with user-friendly automation.

Unique feature we like:

  • 20+ pre-trained models for affiliate content.

7) Rytr


Rytr, the all-in-one AI writing assistant, effortlessly crafts unique content across 40+ use-cases, offers collaborative tools, and integrates seamlessly into your favorite apps and browser.

Unique features we like:

  • Seamless collaboration and team billing.
  • Browser extension for on-the-go writing.

8) Jasper


Jasper molds itself to your brand's distinct voice, be it playful, professional, or even swashbuckling. By harnessing premier AI technologies, it guarantees consistent brand-aligned content and provides flexible integrations while prioritizing data protection.

Unique feature we like:

  • Data protection prioritized.

9) Wordhero


WordHero is a beloved tool for writers and entrepreneurs, offering 80+ writing aids from blog intros to ad copies. In three steps, input keywords, pick a tool, and get AI-generated content that feels human-crafted. Plus, there's a 14-day money-back promise.

Unique feature we like:

  • Drafts emails instantly.

10) Scalenut


Scalenut is your AI co-pilot for mastering SEO content, from planning to optimization. Dive into comprehensive keyword strategies, craft optimized and factual blogs, and revitalize older content, all supported by world-class assistance.

Unique features we like:

  • 1:1 personalized onboarding support.
  • AI-powered topic cluster creation.

11) Copy.ai


Copy.ai is your brainstorming buddy, turning blank pages into potential. It's a research assistant and expert copywriter rolled into one, helping professionals and teams craft content tailored to their brand voice, automate workflows, and enhance prompts effortlessly, ensuring your ideas are clear and concise every time.

Unique features we like:

  • Customizable content workflows.
  • Assists in research tasks.
11 Best SurferSEO Alternatives of 2024【That doesn't suck!】

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